Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inventory Control

Wow. For a minute, I've been really interested by popular culture's current fascination in post-WWII era Americana. Shows like Mad Men and others, the current trends in fashion, the election, all of it hearkens back to this time that, in retrospect, has become quintessential America, the very essence of what fulfilling the American Dream was supposed to mean. Yet, wrought within and throughout these tangential fascinations is one much more deviant: an intimately intense obsession with the fissures crossing to and fro along the surface of the American ideal. It is the simultaneous recognition of the farce that is relying on the promise of an abstraction as something to hope for in reality. (Still there? Hope I didn't lose you...)

In essence, collectively America has spent much of my lifetime looking back at itself and, in the end, has settled on mid-20th century America as the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning. It is a time for which we can be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. There were stable 2-parent households and safe neighborhoods. Schools were places of learning and dinner was on the table at 6. But beneath it all is the most sinister desire by us today to acknowledge that unhappiness was rampant back then too. That the most powerful, the most stable, the stalwart and exemplary, struggled to maintain themselves and their image even to the point of emotional and psychological implosion. That America could not escape its escapist mentality because it was founded upon the very principle. (Mayflower, anyone?)

And so with that, enters Revolutionary Road. It is a story that captures beautifully through dialogue this ever present tension, before we as a nation had even recognized it as such. "It's awful to not be able to do what it is that you want to do," says Kate Winslet's character, assured of her own accuracy. It's a uniquely American sentiment created by us and propagated as a new truth, like wi-fi, that this nation that has spoiled itself to the point where it trusts that desire and necessity are synonymous. You're stuck writing copy all day when you really wanted to be a poet gallivanting through Europe? That must really suck, and you know what, it's not fair. Americans may not be the only ones who think like that, but they durn sure were the first ones to make it acceptable.

"Maybe we are running," DiCaprio's character says after denying that he wasn't. "We're running from the hopeless emptiness of the whole life here, right?" He and his wife have been walking through the woods with the son of an older couple nearby who is clinically "loony." The loony man stops. "Now you've said it," he grins. "Plenty people are onto the emptiness, but... it takes real guts to see the hopelessness. Wow."

Indeed. It's this unique brand of irony that courses its way throughout the movie like gravy or pancake syrup on a plate. The movie is based on the book of the same name, written in 1962. I plan on reading it, but you know how that goes. It's definitely not a feel good movie though, so don't go if you just need to get out the house, cuz you might just wish you'd kept your behind indoors after such a depressing flick. It's a doozy, but it's a great one.

Nike Boots & North Face

Judah is a lot nicer on the MPC than he is on the mic, but he definitely hit the mark on this joint. Didn't know Ra could sing either... dingdingpickitup!

Judah X Ra The MC - DMV Rap Up 2008

*Cue Gag Reel*


Saturday, December 27, 2008

A serious note.

This happened a block from my school. Please pray for the family and the entire Liberian community in Southwest Philadelphia. Those who know me know I teach a number of Liberian students. They provide the basis of some of my most entertaining stories. Their families are some of the most supportive and are willing to sacrifice everything for the benefit of their children. Right now, I'm worried about many of those same students and their families. If you haven't told the people you love that you love them today, please do. Life has no guarantees.

[Eff] the flow, they jackin' our slang

This post is purely for stunting purposes. Like most ppl with even a small interest in rap, I check other blogs regularly. Some big, some small. This morn I did my regular check of NahRight and peeped this post of a supposed "UK Freestyle" by Wale. I know I shouldn't be stating this publicly, but I've been passing on a lotta new Wale songs jus cuz. It's not hate, just lack of interest maybe(?) Irregardless (yeah, irregardless), I hollered at the zshare link just to see if it was worth the download.

It wasn't. Not because it was bad, but because we gave yall this joint 1 year ago. (I had it in my personal vault for even longer.)

Don't believe me? Go 'head and click the link. The counter told me that most of yall slept on this jawn. The song was called "Fish N Chips". Don't choose zshare or rapidshare, cuz it's been so long that the zshare and rapidshare links expired. Megaupload works fine tho.

I find all the above side-eye worthy. To our dedicated core of readers, we thank you for the support. The majority of yall, I don't even know, nor do I know how you found us since I did not start this in search of e-fame. But all that makes me even more appreciative of your support. There a coupla yall who read and then jack my slang on your own ish. It's ok, it's the sincerest form of flattery. (If you start making money off it tho, I'm comin for my cut. You know who you are.)

Nonetheless, as 2009 approaches, I encourage you to holler through our archives before you find your favorite blog reposting something old as though it were something new. Holler at the weirder album drops, all The Paxtons ish, and even the slightly different stuff like K'naan. Real Niggas Light Candles 4 is very much on the way (thanks for all the feedback), and I even have a song ready for the 5th jawn. All this to say, you don't wanna be the 2009 version of the 2008 lame who thinks they're cool and different now because they just started listening to M.I.A.

OG readers, thanks. Newbies, thanks. It's been a good year. Tell a friend to tell a friend. A special shoutout to my beloved DMV and the city I now call home, illy Philly. Now stop reading and get to clicking. Descarga!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dollars to Dollars

Daniel Merriweather ft. Wale - Change

Definitely not the first time we threw yall some Daniel Merriweather. (Remember "Stop Me"?) Either way, Wale finally made sense to me today (as in I get his personality completely without ever meeting dude). He's Nigerian. And from DC at that. Everything makes sense now.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two Pimps

Most of yall don't know this, but I was a Timbaland fanatic all through middle and high school. I would sit in my room and study Timbo's drum patterns like it was my job, breaking my mom's tension rods in the process. The Timbaland/Jay-Z discography is sick in and of itself, but this joint is like the best of both worlds: classic Tim and classic Jigga.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Until The Lion Learns To Speak

I actually made it out to the Ubiq/Stussy party this past Wednesday, despite my upset stomach, and learned that K'naan is dropping a new album, Troubadour, in '09. Most of yall slept on The Dusty Foot Philosopher when I dropped it back in July. I actually had this joint too but decided to keep it close. I planned on dropping it Thursday but school got in the way, then today I see a K'naan post on NahRight, so I guess his publicist is earning her paycheck.

Either way, with K-Os already set to release an album, Drake rapping really well, and K'naan doing his thing, Canada might be the next Dirty South. Sike nah, it's not that serious, but Canada is really bringing heat. Along with Drake and K-Os, K'naan is a lyrical dude that would prolly be stirring up revolution were he not a rapper. Maybe he figured rap could do both. Click the album cover to download.

For a taste of dude (ayo), i'll drop this nugget:

Until the lion learns to speak
The tales of hunting will be weak
My poetry hails within the streets
My poetry fails to be discrete
It travels across the earth and seas
From Eritrea to the West Indies
It knows no boundaries no cheese
It's studied in parts of Greece
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

I am sick as far as lyrics
Not with, as far as gimmicks
I spit barraging limit
The shit they talk and rip it
I'm hip, the hop is living
I skip the obvious women
Don’t get what I am presenting
No rims, my mind is spinning
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

I was born and raised in the place
Where the torn a flame would blaze
Where the foreigners not embraced
Where they warn you, jog, and pace
Where the loners lower their gaze
Where the corners slower the chase
Where they twist and turn in a maze
With a pistol 'pon your face
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

So come with me to my lungs
The depths and be overrun
With passion see how I come
No cash I’m free in the slums
The past, can we overcome?
I’m ask[ing] can we be the ones
To actually be the ones
To free our people from guns?
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have you seen my childhood?

I'ma be real, aside from the 7/16 pack, Saturday's 11/12 countdown pack were the only pack I truly creamed over. These shoes released when I was in middle school and are the basis of so many of my middle school memories. They are a big reason why my shoe problem is even a problem. You see, times were rough for my family back in 6th grade, such that after I had grown out of my pair of Air Raids in 5th grade, my mom took me Back to School shopping at Payless and bought me Sega sneakers cuz that was the best we could afford. Yeah, as in "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Shinobi" Sega. Bet you didn't even know Sega made shoes huh? Well, I unfortunately did, and it was how I began middle school, wearing black Sega shoes with Sonic and Knuckles on the tongue. Needless to say, I've been overcompensating ever since.

To make matters worse, this period was when Jordan Brand released two of its most iconic sneakers. I feel as though further discussion is unnecessary, but getting these jawns was an immediate priority as soon as the pack was announced. Some problems though:
  • those 12's look jye fugazi
  • I'm still broke
  • I'm not pressed enough to canvas the city for these or even holler at connects
  • I will not be camping out or in a line longer than 15 ppl

So who knows what'll happen Saturday. I was planning on going to NYC anyway to party with my hippy crew so I may pass on these. But who knows, I might be on the chinatown bus with a pair on my feet. Time will tell.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prolly my last post for the day. But then again...

Odds are, if you're in Philly and you matter, you already knew about this. I was planning on going after I left the gig tonight, but my head and tummy are feeling real unpleasant right now, so I think I'ma pass. Gotta get to work on time tomorrow anyway. Any of yall with nothing to do and a canned good, make your way downtown to 15th and Walnut. Hope you enjoyed today's and yesterday's blogging craze. To think I useta blog like this regularly when I had 14 kids in my room...

Take A Look. It's In A Book.

Samples the classic theme song to "Reading Rainbow," which is definitely a dope idea. Not too sure on its execution though. There are so many dope breaks in the real song. "I can do anything" is definitely the standout part for me. It's worth a listen though.


There are a number of trends for which DMVers rightfully claim themselves the progenitors: Nike Boots, 'Posites, New Balances (i'll admit, not as big an export), even slim jeans. (I remember being clowned for how I wore my jeans by the "cooler kids" my freshman year at Wash U in 2002--yawn.) Another trend that I honestly think got its start in the DMV was the Casio G-Shock. I remember back in the 90's go-go heads stayed rocking G-Shocks. If it wasn't a G-Shock, it was a watch with ridiculous digital features like walkie-talkies and ish. It was the perfect accessory to a H.O.B.O. or Shooters fit.

I thought it was kinda odd when it became streetwear's watch of choice, mostly cuz I didn't think it was new. I bought into the craze back in '99, but it's almost 10 years later, and I got a salary. I'm thinking about a COSC-certified timepiece. But if I had to go digital, I always said it'd be for a calculator watch. *shrugs* I'm a dork. I was actually bout to buy a gold Casio calculator watch not too long ago, but thought better cuz I'm broke as the entire financial system. But when i caught wind of these over at gizmodo a few days ago, I was glad I passed on the gold jawn. And for $59 too? Yeah, jus gimme that black and gold jawn in the top middle and I'm guuuuuuud.

Pharrell is a Prophet

N.E.R.D. - Sooner or Later

Well not really, but still. I'm late as a unborn baby momma with this, but once I decided to press play, it was worth the re-post, late or not. Disfruta.

Keep Bouncin'

Dont know how this Spalding X Flight Club NY collabo flew under my radar (seeing as how they just drained my soul for a pair of Aqua 8's) I had no idea they could do this with a basketball... I want these for xmas NOW

Cool As a Milkshake in a Snowstorm...

Barry's School Daze... by the way holla at ya boy boy if you need an address during inauguration week... if you've got 10K to drop that is... seriously.

Because you care...

It's the second (and last) day of report card conferences so I'm chilling extra hard at school right now and have come to the conclusion that the music on my laptop is sooooo much weirder than the music on my desktop back at home. So much weirder. I mean, for real. I have albums whose album covers look like this:

And yes, the last one is a group called Cold Cave and the name of their EP is The Trees Grew Emotions And Died, which is a dope ass title cuz it's poetic as the eff word, but yo, it's equally as weird. And look at their faces! I'm not even sure if these 2 folks are even in the group. But if your interested in at least knowing what the Cold Cave album sounds like, click this.

I guess the strange music is all due to the fact that I spend a lotta time on the laptop looking up weird ish. (Where else do you think I find French neo-soul/electronica from?) All that to say, I'm not your favorite blogger's favorite blogger for nothing. Just imagine the kinda ish my favorite bloggers be on.

I Know What You Like

Mick Boogie Presents... Adele: 1988. Click the album cover to download. Cuz I said so.

1) Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
2) Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3) Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4) First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
5) My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6) Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
7) Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8) Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9) Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)

EDIT: It looks like the link is down. I tried to play nice and direct link the actual source but all the trendsters have crashed the link. When I get back home I'll re-up personally to a different link. Until then, keep the Naledge remix on repeat. And expect me to stunt hard when all these late-comers start acting like they been on Adele. Check my pedigree.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Believe the Hype

I've quieted the whole mp3 game lately, but I had to drop this one. Regulars should already know that I think Adele is the only white girl that matters. We put yall onto her album, 19, back during Black History Month, and we even dropped the deluxe edition in June for good measure. Unfortunately, the download counter let me know that many of yall slept on this chick, prolly cuz she doesn't suffer from a drug-induced delirium like her contralto "Just say no to rehab" counterpart, Amy Winehouse. I caught her show in Philly back in June and the chick put on one of the best performances I've been to. Either way, 19 is a bonafide classic, and the girl can sing her plump behind off.

Mick Boogie's releasing an entire mixtape of remixes off her last album tomorrow. This single leaked today. She's also nominated for a few Grammies and is up against artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Coldplay, Leona Lewis, M.I.A., and the over-rated Duffy. I personally think she should win every category for which she was nominated. I also think they shoulda nominated 19 over Ne-Yo's Year of the Gentleman for Album of the Year.

Monday, December 15, 2008

What Drake said...

"With me, women be building these skeptical walls/ But once you slept with one dime, man, you've slept with them all."

Hip-hop, where would I be without you?

This is my attitude toward women who behave as though white, black, and Mexican Jesus personally placed the holy grail between their vaginal walls, equipped them with anaconda-like constricting muscle control, and laced it with 8 different forms of crack cocaine for extra security.

Ladies, grow up and "act like an adult for once." Trix are for kids.

I've been fortunate to have had a number of quality females in my life, which then makes it evermore difficult to deal with chicks who treat their pum pum as the carrot at the end of a stick and my penis as the horse. To put it frankly: If you act like that, then the cooter must not be that good. My honest opinion is that any chick who has to behave in such a manner does so because the chase is more exciting than the actual catch. And I'll be damned if I'm out fishing, feel something heavy on the line and put in work to get it in the boat, only to find out it's a friggin seaweed infested boot.

Either that, or you just don't know what you want in life.

But a big part of the fault lies with the dudes who encourage said behaviors. Then these females come around me and think I'm gonna give them attention because
  1. They think I have limited experience with females, especially attractive ones. (The gift and the curse of keeping ur personal life personal.) So they truly believe that I will fall for them simply because they give me attention. (Sorry, I don't have mommy and daddy issues--that trick won't work.)
  2. They are unaware that I have stellar references. (same gift. same curse.) The strong move quiet. The weak start riots.
  3. The other weak niggas they've been with let them get away with that bulldiddy and allowed them to think it was acceptable.

This is usually what happens next:
  • Female becomes perplexed that my interest level has diminished, wherein casual encounters are devoid of any previous flirtation, but still ripe with charm.
  • Female then becomes interested in my disinterest, usually much to her own chagrin, as she feels the locus of control moving from her hands into mine.
  • At some point, such interest is made apparent, via drunken encounter or chance text message.
  • I respond flatly with mild indifference, further frustrating said female.
  • This continues indefinitely until:
  • An offer is made to meet some point after where, desperate for attention, said female willingly places herself in a compromising situation. (e.g. any request to hang out at a person's place of residence any time when one should be sleeping, especially if one is already sleepy. Extra desperation if the female travels to the guy's crib despite her own claims of drowsiness.)
  • Gotcha bitch!
Now, I've borne witness to this phenomenon and seen the baddest females fall, and sometimes I pity them. Though it may not seem as such, I'm not tryna play games here. I genuinely lose interest in any female who is playing coy because she thinks she's God's gift to reproductive organs. I've often moved on to somebody else more worthy of my efforts and with a more secure sense of who they are and what they want, which in turn, bruises the pride of the girl who thinks she's got the golden chalice cooter. At this point, it's just about seizing an opportunity with minimal cost and optimal benefit.

But the best way to avoid all of this is to be clear. Know what you want, and be clear about it. Most men do this instinctively. Some too much so. Women, however, have been conditioned to believe that such behavior is unlady-like and even whorish. It's not. Now, if you wanna boink every man you see, you may need to seek psychiatric attention and work out some personal issues, but if a dude strikes your fancy and you think it might be interesting to let him push you on the swings, say something and kill the tomfoolery. If you like what you get, cool. If not, it's not like you're tied to the nigga forever. Be real, say it wasn't what I'd hoped for and move on. It saves both of you time just in case 1.) it's a great combination so you get to skip all the pre-shenanigan shenanigans, or 2.) it's not great, so you don't have to spend time with someone only to find out it wasn't worth your time.

Maybe I'm weird, but this all makes sense to me. And I honestly feel that the world would be a much better place if dudes took the attitude of Drake. Thoughts?

I Believe The Children Are The Future :(

Once I again I stand by my assertion that there is nothing in B-More for me other than the occasional show at Bedrock, or a White Sox visit to Camden Yards...

Hangin On

So far, the Monta Ellis experiment aint going half bad... Bad thing is it aint winning either. Considering that my comp was loaded with the likes of Derrick Rose, Ben Gordon, Shaq, Kevin "Ugliest Shoe Ever" Durant, Shawn Marion & Deron Williams, my motley crew of bammas starring Marquis Daniels could've fared a lot worse. Maybe I am an evil genius with the fantasy b-ball after all.

By the way Philly fans... now that this is freshly removed from your mind's recesses, I'll gladly bring it back.

And they wonder why Mo Cheeks got fired!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buy Matches

As is usual, I began working on the fourth edition of Real Niggas Light Candles almost immediately after releasing the third jawn. I will humbly admit that the last one was a tough act to follow, and I don't even think I'm gonna try to eclipse it. The randomness of it could only be explained by the fact that it was an amalgamation of 7 months' work. My steez is very different right now, but who knows what could happen by the time I'm done with this one? All I can say is, I spent much of last night and this morning wittling down the RNLC4 playlist down to a dedicated core of songs and, so far, me likey. Stock up on candles. You'll be burning em come 2009.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recession Special

This was the first free Saturday I've had in over 2 months. It was also the first time I had a little bit of expendable income. I would call it luck, but since I'm a water sign and the moon was at its perigee, maybe it was written. Either way, I made it downtown to do some Christmas shopping for the fam and of course only bought things for myself.

Ubiq released its Holiday line today with a rack of kicks, tees, hoodies, and fitteds. Plus they've got the entire store on friggin sale with everything from the stockroom out on the floor. Practicing some financial restraint, I picked up a fitted and something else that's like 2 seasons old, but was on a steep discount (shoutouts to Andy.) But if you're not like me and have dough to squander, make ur way down to Walnut St. or holler at that Ubiq link and make it rain.

Aesop's Fables

FINALLY got to go see Slumdog Millionaire today, which if you haven't seen, u must have been as busy as I've been the past month. The joint was crazy good.

As usual, I'm not much for summaries cuz I don't like to ruin good movies, but if you've seen it, then you know Freida Pinto is well worth an arranged marriage:

And also, if you stayed through the credits, you remember hearing this joint.

Damn, nothing subpar bout that subcontinent.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome To Hartbreak

Get to know Fred Hart... this guy might be a Kanye-stan, but at least he puts it to better use than some of the psychopaths that comment on Ye's blog. At least if 808's doesn't sell he can rest assured that there's a legitamate market for a rubber mold of his johnson. Pause. But back to the lecture at hand... Mr. Hart created a series of covers for each track from 808's as a tribute of sorts.

By the way... I've figured out why I dig this cd so much despite the icebox where my heart used to be. It's like Tears for Fears greatest hits on steroids and set in 2008! And a majorly dig Tears for Fears. Pause. Peep and you'll understand.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Names change, but the game remains the same

WTHN Philadelphia is now Alife Rivington Club Philly. One of my peeps in the "industry" hipped me to this back when I had money to spend (aka last summer). He also told me that they were planning on moving up the block to a vacant space with a killer facade. My thoughts at the time were:
  • how?
  • when?
  • really?
I haven't been over there yet, but word is it's still at the same location. This is a good look because it affords Philly with a viable alternative to the streetwear superstore that is Ubiq Walnut. When Ubiq closed temporarily for renovations, it was a boon to all the other smaller shops in Philly like Deep Sleep, Pedestrian, and WTHN, along with other pure skate shops like Exit and Nocturnal. It was also crucial to their development, as most of them opened up around the time Ubiq was preparing to shut down. The newer stores carried more real heat than Ubiq did, which at the time was tryna pass off Franco Shade gear as though it were the hottest thing on the streets. :|

Meanwhile, the smaller shops were carrying all the stuff ppl really wanted--and they profited accordingly. Wanted the hottest in Japanese denim or some of that stuff that even streetkids think is weird? Holler at Phil over at Deep Sleep. Some fresh tees? Pedestrian on South St had 'em on hold for you. And those new Nike's? By the time they were up on Mason's WTHN blog, there were prolly only 3 sizes left. When The Hundreds released their Adam Bomb 59/50's at 5 stores nationwide, WTHN was one of them.

But once Ubiq reopened, the game changed. And how could it not? They already had a brand, a prime location in Philadelphia's downtown shopping district, and a layout that was purely bananas. Once they started signing on Vans and then Stussy to occupy the second floor of their literal mansion, it was a wrap for the small guy. I know for a fact that every small shop took a hit when Ubiq Walnut reopened, and continued to as Ubiq first grabbed esoteric brands like Perks and Mini and Supreme, and later got all the streetwear staples like Crooks, The Hundreds, Mishka, 10Deep, et al. Not to mention they revamped their sneaker accounts as well.

Personally, I realized it when I noticed that I stopped going down to 2nd St. to shop like I used to on the weekends. Along with having connects at Ubiq already, they pretty much carried what I wanted if I wanted it, and the old shops were obviously not getting the exclusives they had been while Ubiq was closed.

The only exception was that Deep Sleep still had some great denim and some good left-of-left-of-center brands, and WTHN was the only place to cop ALIFE stuff due to his relationship with their ppl. For that reason, it wasn't much of a surprise when I heard this last summer, but I still felt some type of way about losing a small, young Philadelphia institution to a quasi-conglomerate. It's the cappuccino-crowd's equivalent to walking into you favorite local coffee shop to find out it's now a Starbucks. (Well, not entirely, but still, you get my drift.)

I'm gonna try and get down there this weekend. Hopefully the change will help Mason get some more goods to the level that the Alife store in NYC has.

I say this like I actually have money to buy any of it, which I don't, but hey, it's the season of giving. Any of you folks interested in providing apparel or footwear for a hardworking young man such as myself, you know how to contact me.

Royalty Checks for KP & Envyi

Remember this dude? One XXL Cover and a Soulja Boy Beef via Youtube later, Dr. Robotnik himself is officialy on autopilot. Peep the Brooklyn Girls vid (a joint we put you onto an entire calendar ago...) and keep your eyes peeled for one of my favorite professional busdowns, Lacey Duvalle at the magazine rack at the end

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It really is a circus

Got this from T-Pain's ppl today. Have no idea how new or old it is. I do know, however, that it features everybody except your mother--well, on second thought, your mom may be on here if she's from Houston. It's got Bun B, C-Note, Big Pokey, ESG, Lil Keke, Trae & Z-Ro all on it. (H-Town stand up.) I've declined from posting single mp3's lately cuz blogger's been deleting them like incriminating text messages, so if it's not here for long, you know why.

Thank God for Half-Days

I'm sure you noticed the lack of updates from yours truly. The classroom hustle is killing me right now. Thankfully, the other half has come through in the clutch to fulfill the cravings of you internet fiends.

The Paxtons are also on the grizzy like a recording contract depends on it... mostly cuz it does. Members Only is still burning up the internets, the Uptown Roamers party was a stunning success, and the Windy City Brethren have been parked in the DMV working on their next mixtape, to be released on the most important day in Black American History, 1.20.09, aka Barack Hussein Obama's Innauguration Day. They just touched North Philly at the Shoeseum over by Temple and faced down the toughest crowd possible: Philadelphia sneakerheads. As we did for the last mixtape, I'm dropping off a single that's been making its way around the internets for a couple weeks. Disfruta, dingbats.

Guns & Butter

The Paxtons linked up with DC legend, Judah, on the new track Japanese Denim! Featured on the new DJ Mick Boogie X Hypebeast X Hypetrak-helmed HYPE CLUB Mixtape. Yeah, this hypebeast. Your boys are on the comeup.

^ Click the album cover to download the whole mixtape. ^

Worst Shoe Ever

Ok, so everyone knows that the Starbury Shoe & Head Tattoo are actually tied for the worst anything of all time, but the Kevin Durant is a close second... also referred to as "dumpster juice" or basura in several Spanish-speaking countries.

All We Got Is Sports & Entertainment

Apparently Joey B. and David Axelrod were in fulleffectmode at the United Center last night watching Barack's Bulls beat the sleeves off the Knicks. Too bad Rowdy Roddy Blagojevich had to sit this one out...

During that same game... this homolarious (word to Cara the OG-RMB) pic was taken.

I miss my city.

I Heart Niggas

For those of y'all that follow "the league" (as I affectionately refer to the NBA), you should be familiar with the LA Clippers newest 20/10 scoring machine with little to no defensive awareness, a slovenly eating habits and chronic shiftlessness... Zach Randolph. My east coast heads should know him from his last 10 months in Knickerbocker Blue and Orange. Regardless, this clip is from his days as Portland Trailblazer... this past February... yep 3 teams in less than one calendar... sigh.

If you missed any of the nigrosity, I took notes.

0:24 that big dumbass large palm holding a bible for which he explains "God blessed me to have this nice house"
2:01 the bassinet and rocking chair in the corner of his bedroom (in lieu of a baby room) with nothing but a pair of gucci print shoes for which he explains "she gotta be ready for when she get here, gucci"
2:42 there's nothing wrong with jail pics... lord knows I got plenty incarcerated fam but the blownup jostens backdrop is hilarious
2:45 the "free larry hoover" poster to compliment...
2:51 ... that huge six point star in the center of that blue table. this nigga is gd folks til the world blow up and wants all of america to know it
2:58 back to the "free larry hoover" poster over a pic of randolph and mandela who he describes as a "real powerful man"
3:42 mike vick's dogs

For cooning yourself on MTV, Randolph rightfully deserved this week's poster courtesy of Superman

Our Word Is Bond

See, we really waited a whole 24 hours before hitting you with that disfruta special! Real talk tho, after Punch Drunk Love, Gladiator and Announcement there's not much to really gush over. Not that men should really gush, but dammit Be and Finding Forever were dope albums! Normally, Rashid's 40 minute ventures are instant repeating playlist material but honestly, the 38 minutes of space-age thundercat rap on UMC leave a lot to be desired.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This is Such a Dope Idea , We Wont Even Leak It Til Tomorrow...

Today only, DTLR's around the country are carrying Common's Universal Mind Control for .99. Way to inflate them numbers with a lil integrity Rashid. Now, go cop that jawn!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Risk v. Reward

So I'm not exactly back to championship form but I'm getting there. As usual I missed my fantasy draft and got fresh-squeezed glass of dumpster juice for a team, but I try not to let that stop me. Week 6's loss dropped me from 3rd to 5th, but being that I'm only 2.5 games out of first I can't trip.

I'm betting all the church's money on Monta Ellis... yep, this bamma. He became a nightly 20/10 threat last season and seeing as how we're 20 games into the season, what better time to sacrifice a scoreless spot on my rotation to lock him down before he returns in January and the scavengers lose it. Remember this is a grown man's game!

In the meantime between time, I'll have to rough it with this motley crew...

PS Fantasy Basketball is that dill pickle.