Monday, December 31, 2007

Old Long Time

"2007 Wrap Up" - Skillz

For those who don't know, Skillz, née Mad Skillz, has been making these since 2002. In the spirit of... iunno, being nice, I'll give you links to the old joints too.


Seeing as his annual wrap-ups are prolly the best thing he has going for himself, Skillz decided to shoot a video for this year's track. The video premieres at midnight January 1 (who's actually gonna be sober enough to post this at midnight?), but here's a look behind the scenes...

In other news, my 'Skins are the hottest team in the NFC and headed to the playoffs! However, somebody needs to pull Clinton Portis to the side and talk to him about his post-game outfits. Watch Sportscenter today and you'll know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of him online, but it's pretty unacceptable.

Now I can't decide if this is unacceptable or not: Episode 1 of The Wire's final season is on the internets. Yes huh, the season premiere, scheduled to air January 6, 2008, of the best TV show ever is available to download for bootleggers such as myself. I'll have you know that I did not download it. I am waiting patiently for that first blessed Sunday of the new year, but if you are anywhere near computer-literate niggas, somebody'll either have it or know somebody who has it. I don't really care what you do, just make sure you watch it.

That's it. I'm headed to Osama's most likely target on NYE, except I'll be in King's County. Might post more Wale before I leave. If not, Happy New Year... niggaaaaaaas

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Where's Hannah Montana when you need her?

"Nike Boots" - DipSet Remix

Yes. DipSet. Specifically, Max B, Freekey Zeeky and Lil Wayne (spitting the same verse from this.) Also, Wale is only on the hook. Trust me, you'll be happy he's not associated with this version.

I ain't forget about you

You get 2 for 1 today since I forgot to throw one up last week.

For all the ppl we lost in 07 (and for some comic relief):

Soon you'll understand:

Am I the only one that wouldn't mind it if KP & Envyi made a comeback? And why is "the object of desire" in this video Polow da Don? (Don't believe me? Watch 1:24-1:36 and 2:04-2:25.) And why does Polow da Don look like a member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony? And why is Envyi such a bad lil white girl, but not in a white girl way, in a black girl way? And why do I keep on asking you questions?

Making it harder to breathe

Figured I'd repost this one
"Elevators" - Wale

drop this one
"Boyz (Remix)" - Wale ft. M.I.A.

and sneak this one to you
"Big Spender (Remix)" - Freeway ft. Jay-Z and Wale

Tomorrow I'm goin for broke and dropping most of the other stuff cuz once school starts back up, "blogging" will be the least of my worries.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stuff you don't want your little kids to hear

LOL to "It's music to the ears of somebody..."

DipSet CD for Christmas, disguised as a Hannah Montana CD? Isn't that the best Christmas present EVER!!! I think DipSet is behind it all. Remember when they hacked Tru Life's MySpace page? You can't tell me Killa didn't have anything to do with this.

Killa Cam, Walt Disney, DipSet, Byrd Gang, (Mickey) Mouse Club. We fly high and stay low. Get a shot of my pool in the back.

We Ain't Like Everyone

"The Good Life (DC Remix)" - Kanye West ft. T-Pain and Wale

It's basically the original song with a verse from Wale thrown in for good measure. Don't worry, I'm saving the real heat for the days ahead. It's cold out, and I gotta keep you warm.

Until then watch this:

Friday, December 28, 2007

All for One, One for All

Ok, this is my last post of the day. I promise. Estelle is dropping a new album in February 2008. Here's the lead single:

"Wait a Minute (Just a Touch)" - Estelle ft. Will.I.Am

This song samples the same song as a classic Biggie joint:

"I Put A Spell On You" - Screaming Jay Hawkins

There. I'm done for the day.

Cocaine is a helluva drug

DMX is still a beast. Iunt care what u say.

Check your ingredients

Not being from Chicago, I won't pass judgment on this duo. They're average rappers at best. It's a wonder what marketing can do. Imagine Lupe and Wale formed a group, but didn't talk about ishkit. Mindless hypebeast party music.

And yes, these are the same ppl.

Leave em leakin'

Yeah, you've heard most of these already. Either way, Lil Wayne just released this "official" leak of his music. The actual version for sale has only 5 tracks. I got the OG version, e.g. more songs you've heard already.

We can make war or make babies

January 26 - Clipse and Wale in Boston
January 27 - Clipse and Wale in Philly
January 28 - Clipse and Wale in NYC

This is all tentative and no, you can't google it but I heard it from Wale's manager. Let's hope it happens.

Until then, enjoy.
"All I Need" - Wale ft. Tawiah (Prod. by Mark Ronson)

More Wale tomorrow, more music shortly.

Don't Download This

So sometimes I happen upon stuff I never heard of and decide to download it because, simply, I never heard of it. Sometimes, the results are great. Other times, I get this. Click the album cover if you wanna laugh. Otherwise, imagine this post doesn't exist.

Dance My Pain Away

Click the album cover.

Rasta Dem King of de Jungle

Lil Wayne ft. Sizzla & T-Streets - The Only Reason

This video was shot 10 months ago, but just recently released, which explains Weezy sans styrofoam cup. Download and enjoy Weezy's buju banter. There's also a certain dreadlocked bitty in this video that's inspired me to make a Top Women of 08 list. *Warning: pic is NSFW*

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words...

Well I wont give Nasir Ben Olu Dara aka Jim's favorite Kufi aka Kelis' EBT card that much clout, but the press, Al Sharpton, Don Imus & Buppies abound will do that for me; and thats just the genius of it all.

In 2006, Nas lit a fire under the asses of those who matter most (except white folks) with his ever-ringing single and album title, "Hip Hop Is Dead". Let Nas, the self-professed "lord of the projects til the coffins drop in the ocean like a Amistad slave overboat" tell it, he believes hip-hop's state of danger is the product of a stir crazy record industry trying to cope with the financial implications of the digital revolution by promoting under-whelming, but cost-effective drivel to the consumer. His concept, to stop bleeding (finger-pointing and bitching amongst cross-regional emcees and bloggers alike) by challenging the streets with a statement, bold enough to force you the listener and they the artists, to either prove otherwise or go home.

If "Nigger" can be equally as effective (save for the release of ever-perplexing and force the issue beyond Al Sharpton's soap box and Mr. Imus' irreverance, and into the hearts and minds of Pop-Culture America... I'm all for it. But then again, what is the issue anyway?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where air beats concrete

It's just the beginning. You hear that "Good Girls" instrumental right? Bootlegger for life! Hate on, haters.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rap's Ambassador

In case you haven't noticed, we don't take holidays here. Ya boi happened upon a trove of unreleased and soon-to-be released Wale songs (and videos) today. I'm considering whether or not I'll release them on the blog. The snob bug bit me. I'll definitely let you in on the lastest Wale gossip tho.

Word is, homey got a major-label deal. Nobody's dropped the dime about which label and yaddayaddablingbling, but my sources tell me news should be made public soon.

Also, in addition to the URB mag cover (pick it up if you haven't already), Wale should get a piece on and possibly a write-up in an actual issue. Lastly, remember Nike Boots? Well, Wale's got a remix out (on the new DJ Green Lantern mixtape) with none other than the '07's Remix King, Weezy F. Baby. No, I'm not kidding: Wale x Weezy. PLUS, there's another remix of the same song featuring Wale Folarin and 2 other well known rappers.

Wanna hear the remix with Weezy? Here. But that's all you get...

for now. 8-)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wait til I get my money right

Suicide the doors. Holler at the Nissan Intima concept car. I still don't have a car but i ain't in no rush though. I need my credit report to look like "Parker Stewart Longfellow IV" and not "Hakeem PeeWee Jenkins" before I make that move. I'm thinking 25, which gives me 18 months to look white on paper. And once I do, you can't tell me nothing, cuz I'm hollering at this jawn:

It's got the playfulness of Lauren London, the maturity of Kerry Washington, and the sex appeal of Dania Ramirez (word to Bobby Valentino). I think Juvenile said it best:

"I need it in my life."

Merry Christmas!

To the loyal base of You Hype! Sike Nah... supporters, may yuletide and eggnog be showered upon ya mama's crib. Whether you get down w/ St. Nick or the Menorah, remember you got plenty to celebrate and be thankful for. As for myself, I get to defer them student loan jawns for another 6 months! As for Jay, he probably got to role-play with Bey' in a Mrs. Claus one-piece straight from Fredericks. As for the streets, The Wire will be back in full-swing in January. Remember it could always be worse... Chicago Bulls' head coach Scott Skiles woke up to a pink slip on his voice mail from GM John Paxson, after a bad 2 months on the job. Happy Kwanzaa

Now for a disturbing stocking stuffer hot off the blog circuit...

I knew something wasn't right about that MH/B2K/TUG shit...

I wouldnt put this behavior past any of these hollywood types tho. I call em "hollysexuals" (see Diddy, Usher, etc.) They're probably not gay, or even DL as the "BAP Handbook" generation deems, just rich and bored. Whats a Grecian-style, gender bending, animals included orgy to a nigga that owns a stake in a sports franchise and has had more sex than money can buy? Weird? Hell yes! Wrong? In the church of the latter-day niggas? YES! But it is what is... "hollysexuals"

... just leave the kids alone, for Christ's sake.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Topanga got arrested

What 80's baby didn't have a crush on Topanga? Was it her doe-like eyes or those full nigger lips? She wasn't always a heartthrob, but something definitely happened sometime after she hit puberty and suddenly got thick as a mug. Well, enough reminiscing, Topanga, government name Danielle Fishel, got arrested on some DUI charge. Sucks for her. Hope she doesn't get all Britney Spears/Lindsey Lohan. White child actresses these days. Even the D-listers are tryna hop on the whole "I'm really good at making bad life decisions" trend. Hop off kids. Hop off.

And Topanga, I mean Danielle, if you're reading this, next time you need a designated driver, call me. ;-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

And they love it

CRS - "Us Placers"

*CRS = Child Rebel Soldiers = Lupe + Pharrell + Kanye

P.S. Peep the director at the end. *sigh*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pay Homage

This deserved its own post. As a sneakerhead, I had to pay my respects. Introducing the Air Jordan XXIII. For those not in the know, this is the final pair of Air Jordans. The Jordan Brand will still exist, but no more actual "Air Jordans" after the 23 (get it?). '08 will definitely hurt my pockets because, in addition, Jordan Brand plans on re-releasing every other Jordan in combination packs. The packs will consist of two pairs, the sum of which equal 23. For instance, the X's with the XIII's, the V's with the XVIII's, the VII's with the XVI's. I'm not buying each and every pack (packs will be around 3 bills each), but the 7/16 pack and the 11/12 pack will definitely be copped, so that's 600 down the drain already. That doesn't even include if I actually buy these jawns.


...Makes my cipher complete


Rhymefest feat. Wale - "Get Up"
Chi-town to the DMV. Kinda like ur favorite bloggers.

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool Leftovers
(Not really leftovers, just songs not on either of his studio albums.)

Monday, December 17, 2007

You can't touch me like leprosy

M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"

Afrikan Boy makes a cameo too

"We don't believe you, you need more people"

LMAO. Bow Wow does his best TI impression. Watch Bow Wow get hype and hide behind his security. Classic material. Fame has gotten to this nigga's head. Isn't he from Ohio anyway? Why does he sound like an extra from the movie ATL?

Bonus video of Bow Wow the OG.

LOL @ "He always picks on me." I think Bow Wow bleeds.

Fresh From The Lou, Konichi-wa Bitches!!!

"Guess who's back in the house/ With a bunch of souvenirs and a smile for ya mouth" -Lupe
Whoever said that the commercialization of Hip-Hop was a bad thing? Click the covers and enjoy...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Signs, Cosigns, and Tangents

I got into a tepid debate with ma dukes today over the phone. She was upset to learn that I had called my sister a "nigga," and even more upset that I had no problem with it. I didn't, nor have I ever, really had a problem with the word nigga. I don't just like the word, I love it. I think it's a great word. I won't get into the semantics of the nigger vs. nigga argument simply because I think it's dumb--fuji and macintosh apples all look the same to me.

I think when it comes down to it, people today decide to wage wars against the wrong things. We fight the symbols of inequity instead of actually raging against the machine. We get Don Imus fired and hold Congressional hearings on rap, but don't open more libraries in the hood, replace the crumbling infrastructure of the nation's cities, or pass and enforce legislation that restricts gun usage. People today are scared to take risks. In an age where you are held accountable more for your miscues than your straight shots, no one wants to step out the boat and walk on water for fear that Jesus won't be there to pull them up if they lose faith and sink. So instead, we've convinced ourselves that protest is as easy as a $25 limited edition t-shirt with some esoteric slogan screenprinted fashionably across the front. We've convinced ourselves that we can make a fashion statement and save the world. Martin and Mahatma had it all effed up son.

A month or so ago, I watched an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher featuring Presidential hopeful John Edwards. I haven't spoken much about the whole political scene mostly out of disinterest, but also out of lack of information, but that night I became a supporter of John Edwards. I had never bought into the whole Obama thing cuz the nigga never said anything about his ideas about how he was gonna lead the country. He spoke in abstract terms of "hope" and other Hallmark-worthy things. He's also supported by Oprah, who I detest. Hilary seems like she's too entrenched into the fabric of bureaucratic malaise in our government to do anything to change it substantively. Voting for her would be like giving me a dirty rag to take a shower with. More importantly, neither of them have truly inspired me.

However, while watching Edwards talk casually to Maher about his ideas (yes, ideas!), he made me a fan with one word: sacrifice.

He admitted simply that as President, he would ask the country to sacrifice for their own good. He spoke with integrity and passion, as a captain leading an army: admitting that there may be loss, but that it would all be for a greater gain. American politicians speak directly to our guts, our insatiable need to consume and fill our bellies. They appeal to our selfishness, individually and collectively, and are afraid to take the risk to call us to become a greater people, to "ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country."

It was shocking to hear a politician call upon voters to sacrifice, to admit that taxes might be raised. But it was refreshing. It stuck with me because it reminded me that some people want to be President because they are interested in improving the nation, not living in the White House. There are those who want to rehabilitate and revitalize the Oval Office, not just change the curtains and vacuum the carpet.

I've gone on an unintended tangent. Back to the lecture at hand...

Words derive their meaning from connotation; language is inherently implicit. Were it explicit, babies would never be able to discern enough to learn how to speak. We know what someone means not so much by what they say but by how they say it. It is from this stance that I approach the usage of the word "nigga". I say it how I mean it, which means I mean what I say. 8-)

Unfortunately, there are those who believe that certain words are magical and their denoted meanings are powerful beyond measure, destructive to the point where they can break down the very being and identity of an individual. Their context is always moot and, in fact, if you attempt to use it outside of its denoted context, your misuse of the word wields that destructive force with no less ferocity on the unassuming subject. Some would argue that, perhaps, it is even more deleterious to use it outside of its already pernicious denotation.

To those people I say: "Nigga, please."

"The Meaning of a Word" by Gloria Naylor

P.S. Imus got his job back and rappers still say "bitch," "nigga," and "ho."

Throwback of the Week

This is for the City. Spring 03 nuckaaaaaaaaz. Why was this video so friggin great? Old folks dancing, white folks dancing, fat folks dancing, philly folks dancing, even Biggs was gettin it in this video. A true classic.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm So Hood!

I don't know why Khaled didnt put the Dips on one of those remixes, cuz these niggas DEFINE hood.

Huffys my dood...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something's brewing...

Beanie and Freeway kick it on Hot 97. Niggas ain't happy tho.

P.S. The Freeway album is crazy son. one of the most underrated rappers in recent hip hop history.

It's the Real

Patience is a virtue. The retail version. Click the album cover lil niglets.


So I've been in the market for a letterman jacket for the past few years. I almost picked up the one 10deep made last year, but chose not to due to the fact that I wasn't head over heels for the design and because it was too recognizable and thus, too pedestrian. When Hov said, "I just took back the Phantom. Too many f--kers could fathom what it felt like to have one," I knew exactly what he meant... kinda.

Well, way back in the spring I caught glimpse of the joker above and decided that this was the one. It just dropped, and ya boy is copping it ASAP. I won't run down all the details, but let's just say it's understated and intelligent. And if you don't know...

The Niglet Who Stole Christmas

Signs that we're all going to hell in 2008...

1) Global Warming
2) China
3) Children setting Santa on fire...

The other day, two boys who were dissapointed with the hood Santa's anonymous gift distribution at Evergreen Plaza (or "Everblack" as we grew up dubbing it) on Chicago's South Side, pulled his violation card. They returned to the scene with proper tools and set his black ass on fire. The aftermath...

""The fire was quickly spread up through the tree and the area became full of smoke at which point in time we had obviously to evacuate the entire mall," said Howard Reihheimer, security chief for Evergreen Plaza Shopping Center at 95th and Western. He called firefighters immediately. "Had he not had done that, we still might not be talking to you here right now; we would still be fighting a fire, or possibly worse, somebody might've been injured or killed," Evergreen Park Police Chief Michael Saunders said. By the time firefighters arrived, the entire Christmas display, including Santa's sleigh, was engulfed in flames. "Everything that's in the center square that has to do with the Christmas tree, where Santa meets the kids, was burning," Evergreen Park Fire Department Chief Ron Kleinhaus said. "

As Lupe states on The Cool, the Streets ARE on Fire... no pun intended.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Moment of Silence

As the great Dave Chapelle once stated so poignantly... "you're done son!" White, and all, I just don't see any going back on this. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs Ms. Winehouse...

Monday, December 03, 2007

To click or not to click

These are Promo videos for Season 5 of The Wire. If you're like me, you don't like spoilers. I only watched 1.5 of 'em. But if you don't mind, watch to ur hearts content. Each one gives you a short shot of a character.

. McNulty. Omar. Bubbles. Carcetti.