Monday, March 29, 2010

At the Speed of VV

I had the honor and privilege to catch British import VV Brown last week when she opened up for Little Dragon at Johnny Brenda's. She came out in a watermelon-print dashiki jumpsuit on top of a flourescent bodysuit, with a kente cloth church hat, a mini-megaphone, and a single drum mallet. (It sounds wrong, but trust me, it worked. All of it.) And oh, the girl can sang.

I'll admit, her live show is better than the album, and there are definitely songs that deserve more plays than others, but a few not-so-good apples don't spoil the bunch. Plus, it's not like you're paying for it, right? So get to clicking.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Insert Signature

I'll admit, I didn't take Dom Kennedy seriously until I listened to Futurestreet/Drugsounds. 25th Hour didn't do it for me, plus my first memory of Dom is from my days back on NT when he was catching internet beefs over variant Jordans.

Needless to say, Dom's come a long way. Futurestreet/Drugsounds was easily one of the best and most complete rap releases of 2009 and it easily created anticipation and momentum for From the Westside, With Love, which dropped today. I never got around to posting FS/DS (or Best After Bobby for that matter--damn, ya boy been loafing), so I hope this will make up for that oversight. Get to clicking that album cover to download and disfruta.


Saturday, March 20, 2010