Sunday, December 27, 2009

Real Niggas Light Candles

If you follow me on twitter, then you might've had this since last weekend. For the rest, I give you what is the culmination of a pretty busy year of RNLC mixtapes. First I'd like to thank all the people who've let me know how much they appreciate these joints. It's been infriggingcredible. Whether in person or over the internets, your support motivates me.

After rushing out 3 mixtapes between February and April of '09, I wanted to take some time with this one. Seven is a pretty important number to me, and for a while, I contemplated retiring the series after this edition. (Not gonna happen, RNLC8 is well on its way.) Still, this one is especially personal. 2009 hasn't been very kind to Mr. Garr--a lot has gone awry. (Why else do you think there've been so many of these emo-mixtapes? They're my therapy.) Accordingly, these songs speak to the emotional rollercoaster I've been riding for the past year. Hopefully you guys don't mind riding shotgun. Just make sure you buckle your safebelt.

Those of you who got the early leak off twitter were blessed with a single track mixtape with no tracklisting. Now you can finally know wtf you were listening to. As always, I tried to provide a healthy mix of tracks and artists you know and others I think are worth knowing, along with those you might know of, but may not really appreciate like I do.

Well, enough of the preliminaries. It's the seventh time around, you should know the routine by now. Turn off the lights and light a candle, cuz that's what real niggas do (just ask Teddy Penderazzdowngrass). Click the album cover above for the single mp3 version (I personally prefer that one), or scroll down below the tracklisting to get the single mp3 and the split-track version. And to my fellow bloggers and twitterati, feel free to repost and retweet for the masses. Your support is always appreciated. And don't forget to leave a comment or hit me on twitter with your thoughts--good, bad, or anything in between. Now get to clickin'. Disfruta.

1. "In My Room" - The Beach Boys
2. "James" - Camera Obscura
3. "Starting All Over" - Jeremih
4. "Giving Everything Away for Free" - Daniel Merriweather
5. "Terr et Tiwa dorment" - Alain Goraguer
6. "Dedicada a Ela" - Arthur Verocai
7. "A Forest" - Nouvelle Vague
8. "Too Long" - Yael Naim
9. "Penny's Confession" - Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
10. "Auburn And Ivory" - Beach House
11. "The Artist" - Jagat Skad
12. "You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out" - Palace
13. "Master Sigh" - Andrew Bird
14. "Human of the Year" - Regina Spektor
15. "Galvanize" - Cryptacize
16. "Doctor Blind" - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
17. "The Strangers" - St. Vincent
18. "Fly" - Nikki Jean
19. "Visions" - Stevie Wonder