Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pot of Gold

It's Stevie. It's live. It's 1970's Stevie. Actually, it's just a couple years before he released Songs In The Key Of Life, which means it's Stevie when he had so much mojo he didn't even need to see.

You're pretty much required to download this if you don't already have it. Odds are, you don't. I even found a better bitrate version than the one I have. For you guys. You're welcome. I love you too. Click that album cover. Happy Thanksgiving.

Hypnotize Minds

Who is Salem? What is Salem? I don't really feel like I could accurately answer that question, but I do know that this collective of white guys with a possible crystal-meth addiction make tripped-out screwed-up crunk music that is simultaneously accessible and impenetrable. It's definitely not for everyone--one of their EPs is entitled Yes I Smoke Crack-- and I'm sure that my affinity for music like this is prolly an indicator of my own fragile sanity, but hey, this joint rocks.

If you weren't scared away by the song (or that weird fan vid) then click the album covers below. Links are stolen cuz I don't feel like uploading. Don't sue me.

Yes I Smoke Crack EP

Water EP

Monday, November 02, 2009

Fantastic Planet

To celebrate Music Monday, I figured I'd continue my present audiophile series and blow the dust off another obscure cult-classic. Back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore but sometimes I sit and wish I was a kid again a "soundtrack" wasn't just some haphazard compilation of songs from a label's artist-roster. Soundtracks were albums that actually featured original music from a movie.

This soundtrack was produced entirely by the composer Alain Goraguer for the French film La Planete Sauvage. It's a perfect meld of 70's funk, hippy psychedelia, and French je ne sais quoi. The movie is a classic in its own right--even more so than the soundtrack--so if you've never seen it, find it. It's 1970's intellectual sci-fi. In other words, drugs were involved. (Don't believe me check out the trailer.) This notwithstanding--"accordingly" mighta made for better word choice than "notwithstanding"--, the soundtrack has inspired countless hip-hop producers. Quasimoto's Madlib-produced "Come On Feet" is probably one of the most notable--and drug-induced--examples. Check that one out after the trailer. Then head back up and click that album cover to download. Disfruta.

I Love Jews

God chose them for a reason. Hilarity has ensued.

I'm not willing to give a backstory, if you haven't heard about this yet, get to google or hit me on twittaaaaa...