Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's not just me.

So Wale has appeared on a few remix tracks by british/new york DJ/Producer Mark Ronson. If you were smart, you downloaded Version when I posted a link a month or so ago. Just found a new Wale joint with him rapping over "Outversion" (which happens to be one of my favorite tracks off the aforementioned album).

I could be a professional "tastemaker," except I'm too much of a music snob.

P.S. I'm bout to take a nap, but i'll prolly add another post, seeing as it's May 31 and June, also known as "The Final Month of School," begins tomorrow. stay tuned...

Monday, May 28, 2007



Yes. This was worth a post.

Daft Punk - "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
Edwin Birdsong - "Cola Bottle Baby"
Thom Yorke - "The Eraser"

If you have Kanye's Can't Tell Me Nothing Mixtape, you'll understand.

But yeah, back to the point. Oy. Vey.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's ME snitches!!!

For those who read this regularly, there are a number of artists for whom I feel the need to champion at every possible moment. Chrisette Michelle is one of these artists. Her debut album is due soon I guess, but this is the album sampler. 5 solid (and pretty wholesome) R&B tracks. Girl's got a full jazzy-r&b voice a la Jill Scott. I'm sure there will be plenty comparisons between the two.

And while I'm on the subject, how bout a new track from Jill? ->It's a banger.

Name some artists you know I always talk about: Ms. Winehouse, Wale, Janelle Monae. hmm.. What about Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" with a verse from Wale thrown on for good measure? Here ya go, "Rehab" remix featuring Wale.

And here's one with just Wale. "Rediscover Me." It's kinda old, but what's old to me is always new to you.

And if you thought I was gonna bring up Ms. Monae without putting you onto something, u'd... prolly be justified, but i'm not gonna be grimy like that. The bootleggers over at Purple Ribbon are keepin the cap on tight for her first album, Metropolis. It's gonna be quite an ambitious album (or rather "Suite" of albums). Either way holler at her MySpace page and listen to the first single off the new album, "Violet Stars Happy Hunting." The girl's quirky in a "cool-at-first-but-weird-and-unsettling-after-a-while" way. Me gusta!

In other news, Common's got a few tracks making their way around the "internets," and Kanye's looking to do big things with Graduation. Just heard a nice lil Talib track today. Nope, no links, you greedy leeches. Be happy with what I gave you.

Ok ok, how bout a snippet of what's rumored to be Kanye's first single off Graduation?

There. Happy now?

Call me... the musical acrobat.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is a Public Service Announcement


Save the first installment, updates to Greazy's Gear Guide are few and far between. But as the summer approaches, and I think of things that annoy me when I'm in the streets of Philly, I feel the need to educate my brothers and sisters.

Black people, if you thought wallet chains were lame in high school, then they still are. They belong with one group of people: hard-core rockers. A wallet chain is not suddenly hiphop jus cuz DipSet and Lil Wayne started rocking them. Let's be serious here folks. What is your wallet chain even connected to? I've yet to see one person connect his or her wallet chain to an actual wallet, which is what the durn chain is meant for anyway. I don't care how much you paid for it or how many skulls are on it. I don't care that you think it matches your extra slim fit skull and crossbones thermal undershirt that you've decided to wear with your mathcing skull and crossbones belt with rubies in the eyes of the skulls. Take it all off (no homo). You look ridiculous. In a couple years you're gonna look at that picture of you with 4 wallet chains and think "Why in the name of all that's holy did I dress like that?"

So for those of you who were thinking about going to that stand that sells wallet chains and belts that light up, I hope this will dissuade you. Some trends were never meant to be followed. If I see you wearing a wallet chain, I'm gonna think you're lame. And that will be because you are.

Now ladies, when, where, how, why did weave and wigs become such a fashion staple for black women? I mean what ever happened to taking care of your real ("My hair is real!" "Shush. It doesn't grow out ur cot durn scalp, woman") hair. I mean really, it's the friggin status quo to go to the hair dresser bald and come out with a head full of hair cut from Chun Li, a Chinese immigrant girl who makes her way through the world fighting in streets among the likes of metrosexual Spaniards and Mike Tyson wannabes. Whatever happend to a perm? A press and curl? Do hair dressers even know how to do that anymore or is it like the 8-track player? "Come in, sit down, and lemme stick this suction cup on ur head so I can needle-and-thread 9 inches of jet-black stringy hair that makes even ur baby hairs look nappy. And yeah, I'ma style it and give you bangs too." Bangs? Weave bangs? I mean, you didn't even have enough healthy hair to pull off bangs? Yes, I know, we've never seen how much hair Beyonce really has, but it's Beyonce, and as long as Jay's happy, she can get as much million dollar weave as she wants. Last time I checked, none of you were her. (Correct me if I'm wrong tho.)

Despite what most would assume, I would much rather see a woman who took care of the hair growing out her scalp--short or long--than a woman who's funding communism by spending her child support checks on Chinese hair or, worse yet, wigs, instead of buying some formula for her baby. No, it doesn't have to be bone straight. It just has to be healthy. Nothing worse than a woman with a fresh 'do and a spoiled everything else. Where are your priorities?

Now that I've got that off my chest, on to some things for the summer. Fellas, a few must-haves:

White shoes. This should be a no-brainer. It's bout to be friggin summer. What are you doing not wearing white? Preferably more than one pair: a low top sneaker and a high top one, as well as a loafer. Pass on the lace-up hard bottoms though.

Chancletas: Yes, I know you wallet-chain wearers are cringing about the thought of what your hero Cam'ron "Get a shot of my [kiddie] pool in the back" Giles would say about you wearing sandals or flip-flops but let's be real, when the heat really kicks in, we all need to let our toes breathe. Let Cam wear his Timbs to the beach. Besides, what's less gangsta, sandals or facials?

Don't forget to exfoliate Jimmy!

That's it. As far as me, I'm doing the same I've always done. More sneakers u think are ugly today but will be asking me about in a couple months, tee shirts you don't understand, thrift store dress shirts, fresh fitteds, and japanese selvage denim.

P.S. ya boy's bday is coming up. I'm thinking about a week-long celebration here in Philly. Start a grease fire in the city, "ya dig?" [said like Weezy]. That reminds me, I gotta wax philosophical about The Carter 3 soon. Another post. Another day.

Call Me... "the trapeze artist"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Has it really been a month?

So yeah, I haven't posted anything on here in a long time. In fact, it's my first post for the month of May. And those youtube posts really don't count for much, seeing as I didn't really say anything. Either way, I hope the month long reprieve afforded all you procrastinators a chance to get caught up on schoolwork and the like. I know I didn't get any work for UPenn done, but I'm hoping you people are smart enough to not look at me as a model of exemplary scholarship.

So it's May. The end of May at that. What's happened? Well, near the beginning of the month I had an itch to spend money (it's prolly more accurately characterized as "psoriasis" and not an "itch"). I had been seriously contemplating upgrading my computer and getting a laptop, but we all know I can't afford to drop a stack like that. So as I walked around the UPenn Tech shop, I came across some backup hard drives. So I copped 250 gigabytes of fresh hard drive and rushed home.

The result: Roberto Miguel de Dell is no longer on life support like he's been for the past 4 years. I emptied my hard drive of all my music and loaded it all onto my new hard drive. Plus, I finally upgraded and downloaded iTunes. So for those VIPs who still have access to My Music folder, you've prolly noticed that it's scant. Now you know why. And no, I'm prolly not sharing my new hard drive for you vultures. :-) But I will let the new joints marinate in My Music folder before I delete them for good from Roberto Miguel.

Now that I have 250gb to fill, I've taken the time I useta spend blogging and finding all the random music I always wanted to have but couldn't. Complete Stevie Wonder discography? Pretty much got it. Random rock albums? Got them joints too. Old school hip hop albums? Slowly but surely building the library. So yeah, me and my first love have been romancing heavy.

So then there's Tilden. Hmm... can I tell you that I love my job? Like really. I'm not being sarcastic here folks. My school is still a hellhole in the heart of Southwest Philly. The kids are still not the brightest crayons in the box. The administration is as disjointed and catty as ever. But I love it all. My kids make me laugh every single day. No matter what happens between me and a student (or me and a group of students), I always win. (This is very important. Teachers must always win in order to maintain authority and loyalty. Watch animal planet and you'll understand.) I don't have to actually carry around my "consequence chart" like I used to. My kids listen and they work. It's kinda great.

My sneaker collection has exploded. It now takes up 2 closets. It's quite disgusting. And with the summer coming, things can only get worse. Plus, New Balance is now going all out on fresh colorways, so I guess my other love affair is gonna continue as well.

Was this as boring as I think it was? Prolly so. Kinda hard to pack an entire month into one post. Oh well, it's not like you need to know everything anyway. Touch your nose... you're being nosy.