Monday, June 30, 2008

Now that I'm successful, you pull this...?

New ish from Kid Cudi with a verse from Wale. It's sposed to be on Cudi's upcoming mixtape.

I'm quietly considering retiring my Wale posts. Some of yall know, but I've scaled back a lot on Wale posts recently. There are plenty of other spots to catch his new joints now. Not to mention, he's now officially signed, and has been featured in numerous print and online publications. For those of you that have been riding with You Hype! Sike Nah... back when I first put yall onto homey, yall know the deal. Back when homeboy was riding with Kenny Burns, a google search for "Wale" would ask "Do you mean 'whale'?" and don't even try to holler at google images. That's all changed now, and I'm happy to claim snob points by saying that I was on the bandwagon way before it was a bandwagon... It was more like a one of them chinese acrobat bicycles where they fit a whole family of immigrants onto one bike--don't ask me, I saw it at the UniverSoul Circus...

But anyways, I digress.

There are plenty other artists who deserve to be hyped, so now that Mr. Folarin is finally getting the respect he deserves by the underground overground, I think I'ma spend more time pubbing folks like Jazmine Sullivan and The Paxtons. That doesn't mean you won't hear about Wale anymore over here. Trust, I'll still drop the ish that needs to be dropped, but don't expect to hear about every time he coughs sneezes or gets caught schmoozing with Hollywood glitterati.

Besides, I got enough people blocking my links nowadays anyway.

and PS, for those who've asked about the kicks: sz. 8.5-10.5, you'll definitely have choice pickings if you're in the 9-10 range.


Apparently we're the 3,378,902 most trafficked site on all seven internets. In the states we're #711,476. Read all about it joe

Sunday, June 29, 2008

It ain't tricking if you got it

Our economy sucks right now.

Like a true gentleman

If you didn't know, Jay was booked for this indie-hippie-rock festival in Britain. News of a rapper as the headliner didn't go over well with the old school festival goers. Even supposed heavyweights, like Oasis's Noah Gallagher, had a few well publicized hissy fits about bringing a rapper to the festival. So what does Jay do to answer the critics?

He gives them what they want.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

On the sneaktip

I'm thinking about selling off some of my sneaks. I got sizes ranging from 8 to 10.5. (Might have an 11 or 12 somewhere.) I got a good number of SB's I'm willing to get rid of at reasonable prices--Vanilla Ice Blazers anyone?--so holler if you're interested. Lemme know what you want, I'll let you know if I got it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From my blog to yours


This was released a few months back on some ole "we putting the link up for 4 hours and then we taking it down, get it while you can" type ish. I've had it since then and was sitting on it quietly but after seeing some of yall swagger jacking, I decided to up this. It was part of Lupe's promo for his tour and since he was taking Nikki with him, they went ahead and dropped this to help promote. In case you don't know who Nikki Jean is, she sang the hook to Wasalu's "Hip Hop Saved My Life." Her band, Nouveau Riche, is based outta Philly and we posted their Longtail EP back in February. (Black History Month was kinda heavy over here). And yeah, she's some kinda cute. Youtube and Myspace could fill you in on the rest. Anyway, click the album cover.

It's yours.

Significant Gains

One of my students told me to look him up on youtube. I did. This is him. He freestyled for me once and I battled him on the last day of school. It was fun and he's actually a decent rapper. Southwest stand up!

Edit: found my youngbols Myspace music page. Ha. I luv my kids, yo.

Favorite line? "You sleeping on me? I'll put you under the bed!" My youngbol be spittin!

Maybe yall want this

cuz I know I don't. Link is stolen from the den, sue me. Not interested enough to download and re-up. Click the album cover.

Youtube: Reloaded

I don't know if any of yall remember them "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books from back in the day. I useta love them jawns. Well, tell me why they got the same thing, except it's via youtube. And it features the venerable classic movie The Godfather as the plot basis.

I'm a fan.

I don't think it works right when you embed it, so you might have to watch it directly from youtube.

The Love Below

While becoming re-acquainted with the treasures of my newly-restored hard drive, I came across this joint and after a drunken night at 1223's Wipe Me Wednesdays... I was compelled to share. Sure, Whats Going On is Marvin Gaye's Reasonable Doubt, but if so, I Want You is his Blueprint. An immaculate reinvention of his troubled persona, finding Marvin seemingly desperate to make us identify with his lustful nature despite already resting upon iconic status.

For the samples from Mr. Carter, Sr.'s American Dreamin & G-Unit's I Wanna Get To Know You, see Soon I'll Be Loving You Again & Come Live With Me Angel. Without this classic record, there is no D'Angelo, Maxwell, and most recently, Robin Thicke. If you didn't know, now you do. Enjoy.

Marvin Gaye - I Want You

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pray That Don Imus Never Reads This Blog

So, I'm at the gig being a complete social loafer (word to olin school of biz) via myspace and I stumble across this.

Being that I dont speak spanish, a la Ron Burgundy, I have no idea what this nigga's page, music, or adoring wall of fans are saying, but I hope Mr. Garr can give me some clue. According to wiki, homeboy is from Panama, but I need to know how this nigga managed to stay under the radar and dodge Mr. Sharpton. Lets hope Don "what color is he?" Imus and Mr. O'Reilly dont get a hold of this nigga's myspace page.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Treated Sauce

If you were at my 06' bday party at Bar Italia in the Lou, hosted by southshoresocialclub x BlindI, you might remember this lil nigga on the 1's & 2's

At the time homie was Shawnna of DTP's tour DJ, now he's traveling the world with MIA. Either way, if you haven't heard of Million $ Mano up and down the 7 internets, ur sleep joe. Catch up with these remixes...

Poison (Million $ Mano Remix)
Stronger (Million $ Mano Remix)
Matt & Kim - Its A Fact Remix (feat. Hollywood Holt)
Modjo - Lady (Million $ Mano Remix)
Dey Know (Million $ Mano Remix)
Digitalism - Pogo (Million $ Mano Remix)
Rehab (Million $ Mano Remix)

And if you're still not sold upon downloading these joints... holla at my lil man Woni Choi

Players Rock

So, shame on you if you slept on The In Crowd especially after you heard it here first. Kidz In The Hall are on their A-game as far as mixtapes go, Naledge repping to be the "only rapper that can say he turned down Harvard", and Double-O doing his best College Dropout impersonation with the Make It Last Forever and Dreaming samples. Dont hate on the cover, the concept of flipping early 90's jams into lover's music in time for its release earlier this vday.
Click the cover, joe.

Kidz In The Hall - Geniuses Need Love Too

Snap yo fingers

I love this song because it sounds like folk snap music. The video is equally quirky. I'll post the entire album later.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Crazy

As strange as it is to watch some of the ish they put on Adult Swim, its even stranger to see a nigga you use to rock poetry nights and hip hop sets with back in high school on Adult Swim. Meet Hollywood Holt.

You might remember him from this joint...

Nonetheless, click the cover for Adult Swim's latest foray into hip hop featuring none other than Holt & The Cool Kids.

Adult Swim - World Wide Renewal Program

Pardon my French

This is the first in a series of off-beat bangers that I hinted about dropping. I'll not make promises that you'll like 'em, cuz honestly, it ain't for everybody, but suffice it to say, this and the other forthcoming drops have my personal seal of approval.

Seeing as many of my most recent album drops have been blocked not long after dropping them, I'll refrain from posting artist and album names, cuz google shuts down the game like Zaphod. Click the album cover to download.

I apologize for being too successful

courtesy of elitaste.

Get It How You Live

After C3 made 1,007,000 registers ring in five calendar days, Wayne's "A Millie", might be the only joint to live up to its boasts since Slim Thug's Already Platinum only managed to ship gold.

Weezy thanks us all with yet another fire stream of consciousness flow, buyers & bootleggers alike.
Lil Wayne - A Millie Remix

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Long Hair Dont Care

First and foremost, dont speak to me for the next 7 and a half weeks and then promptly body yourself if your not feeling this record. Secondly, Hype Williams re-establishes why he's the GOAT of this music video ish in the wake of Rik Cordero, single-handedly D'Wayne Carter-ing the game for the last calendar and a half. Third, who doesn't love dimes from outer space!?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The End Credits.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for students here in Philly. It's been a whirlwind of a year. Even more has happened over the two years that I've been here in Philadelphia serving my time under Teach for America. But now, sadly and happily, it's all over.

This week, I passed out my kids' report cards and unexpectedly received the results from the PSSA's, Pennsylvania's state-mandated standardized tests. PSSA results usually come back in July, which really means late August, so needless to say, it was a surprise to everyone when they came in the mail last Friday. For me, it was anxiety-inducing. This year was a complete turnaround from the chaos of last year. There was not a student in my class that I didn't like, and the level of respect I got from them at times was so immense it gave me chills.

Believe it or not, some of my kids actually looked up to me. For others, I'm their favorite teacher. I don't know about any of you, but that is just straight weird to me. Not to say I'm not happy or flattered, because I am, but me? I'm not even a quarter-century deep on this planet. Whenever I heard one of them say it, I thought about some of my favorite teachers. Mrs. Wynn, my 2nd grade teacher that put up with a lot of mess from me and was patient in dealing with all the issues I brought to school. Mrs. Myers, the Spanish teacher that I would still visit when I went home if it weren't for the fact that our breaks are all at the same time. I'm that person to some of these kids. It's humbling and intimidating.

But at the end of the day, I love each and every one of them. Sadly, most of em prolly won't come to school tomorrow (cuz that's how things work in the hood), but I'm not too upset about it. If they all showed up, I'd probably cry before they left. Teaching has undoubtedly been the most difficult but most rewarding endeavor to which I have ever committed myself. It's the happiest decision I've ever made and it'll be the saddest and most heartbreaking one to make if and when I decide to pursue something else. It's changed my life in ways that would have scared me two years ago (and still leave me kinda shook today).

I wouldn't have traded this experience for anything else in this world. Here on the corner of 66th and Elmwood, Monday through Friday, I met the faces of some of our nation's most vulnerable citizens. I listened to their stories, made them laugh, made them cry, made them care and not care, and they did the same to me. I pushed them when they were ready to give up and, unbeknownst to them, they were the reason why I spent many Fridays in my classroom and not at happy hour, or why I refused to take days off (until June, lol). Knowing how cruel and ignorant so many of us "educated" people are, I worked to prove that, yes, my kids are bad as hell, but they also want to learn, and if you know what you're doing, they'll behave for you too.

I did it because too many of them have people around them saying the wrong things. Discouraging them to point of accepting failure as the rule and success as an anomaly. I played with them, but I didn't play. There's nothing funny about failure, especially when you don't have the safety net of race or class to hold you up. Every rung of that ladder counts and every slip makes the ascent that much harder.

One of my girls would often say, in jest, "It's real out here, Mr. Garr." Sadly, at her age, she is much more acquainted with the reality of her condition than I was at 11 or 12. But I don't want to paint a bleak picture, because their lives are only foreign to people like me; to themselves, they're normal. Yes, they know that waking up to gunshots is not typical, but they also know it's not uncommon. And, strangely enough, they know that school isn't the end-all, be-all of life that we often make it to be. They are much more aware of the difference between aptitude and propensity.

When I got back the PSSA results, I was eager to see how my students performed. By the time we took the tests in April, I felt comfortable saying that my students, a class of so-called behavior problems and unmotivated kids, would pass the exams with scores of Proficient or Advanced in Math (I didn't teach Reading). Still, I was nervous. I am very hard on my kids, even more so during tests; I follow rules past what is necessary: I read questions, but don't explain what they mean; I don't accept blank responses or "I don't know,"; and if your answer is wrong, I'm not gonna say anything to you to hint that you should change it. It's your test, you gotta take it. For some, it would mean that I was opening them up to possibly making a lot of simple errors that our students often make, but I'd rather do that than over-help and inflate a grade. I wanted each one of my students to look at their scores and know that it was they who earned it and that it came from their brains.

When my Lead Teacher handed me my roster, I looked over the list at the names. They either had "BB" for "Below Basic," "B" for "Basic," "P" for "Proficient," or "A" for "Advanced." It was a long road to this point. I'd begun the year with a class that was given to me explicitly as a group of students the Administration had basically written off. They were chronic underperformers and/or behavior problems. Over the course of the year, I had been told that I "don't teach," and spent much of the second trimester dealing with an administration that nitpicked almost everything I did. Meanwhile, my kids were growing, and nobody noticed until outsiders visited our school and made special note of the things they saw in my room. Nonetheless, I never let this on to my students, except to push them to prove their own ability even as I was proving my own.

Only four of my students did not pass the state exam. Of those four, one was ESOL and had to take his test with the ESOL teacher. I'm blaming her for his grade, he should've passed or been very close to passing and had he taken his test with me, I guarantee he would've gotten a score equal to what he knew. Another student had only been in my class for a couple months unfortunately. Another has had difficulty in math her whole life and finally scored Basic. Out of all my students, I was probably proudest of her. She worked her behind off all year, struggling through addition and subtraction, to struggling through multiplication and division, where she still has difficulty, but she earned that Basic. She earned the hell out of it and I'm proud.

Still, one of my kids got Below Basic, and sadly, I know it was my fault. There's no explaining that but to say that I failed him in a number of ways, and it's that that is pushing me as I prepare for next year. Yes, the rest of my students scored Proficient or Advanced, but I really could have helped that one student much more than I actually did.

The second student who shares the title of whom I'm most proud scored Proficient on her Math PSSA too. She was durn-near Advanced and telling her almost made me choke up. She's a kid that many people in the building wrote off and continue to write off. She's a nut, and she knows it, but she has a gold mine of potential. She's definitely had it rough in the past year, and I was probably hardest on her than any of my other students, but at the end of the day, she knew where my heart was and why I did it, and she respected me for it. At times, I knew that she wasn't working for herself, but she was working for me, and I appreciated it. It made me want to work for her after she'd given up. It made me stick up for her when other teachers spoke down to her and she accepted it in laughter. And it's why I worry about how fragile that potential is if, like a mine, it all implodes onto itself. She was my blessing and I was her merchant of hope.

I let her know I was proud of her. I emphasized her potential and that she was past due for a heavy dose of maturity this summer if she was gonna capitalize off it next year. And with the direction things are going for me personally and professionally, that sentiment was meant as much for me as it was for her.

If I told them how much they've affected me, they'd probably look at me like I was crazy. I know I would if I were them, and it's more the reason why I look up to my kids. Their some of the most remarkable, unflappable, unfuckwitable people I will ever have the privilege of knowing and I'm proud to say that I was their teacher. If they're smarter because of me, I'm only a better teacher because of them.

*Cue the Seinfeld monologue.*

Thats My Name, Dont Wear It Out

Remember this guy? Well I finally gave all the bloggerbuzz benefit of the doubt and listened to his ish. I'm in full support... after I discovered that despite carrying the last name electronica, there are no electro-laden hypebeast raps to be found here. Just quality, interesting, oft-kilter, hip hop. Enjoy.

Jay Electronica - What The F*ck Is A Jay Electronica?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Supersize me

Even if you got the OG joint back in February, I'll give you 2 reasons why you want the Deluxe Edition.
  1. Some of the tracks, like "Daydreamer," have been reworked. (I liked the OG version better tho.)
  2. There are 5 bonus tracks of her performing live.
To be honest, I didn't even know they redid some of the songs till yesterday when it came on while I was cleaning my classroom after school. "Daydreamer" mighta been the only one they redid; like I said, I was cleaning. The live ones are a definite treat though. I might put my version of her Sam Cooke cover up here eventually, but until then, take the one they give you along with the rest. Click the album cover and disfruta.

And yeah, I made it her concert on Sunday at World Cafe. She's officially the sexiest fat white woman on the planet. No contest. More on that later. Download the album already.

For The N*gga In You

If you haven't heard Put On... you need to. Just in time for the summer Jeezy. Click the Cover.

Young Jeezy - The Prime Minister

For The Hipster In You

Before you question why the good folks at YH!SN... are making it rain like a newly acquitted Kellz blame it on Bush's love of black music. Current blogosphere champion djs Mick Boogie & Benzi linked up with URB and the OG partystarter himself, Fatman Scoop to bring you that official summer ish. Enjoy. I did.

Benzi x Mick Boogie x Fatman Scoop - Motivation

001. Fatman Scoop "Introduction"
002. Kid Sister "Pro Nails (Benzi Refix)"
003. K7 "Come Baby Come (Sammy Bananas Remix)"
004. Donnis "Party Works"
005. Wale "Chicago Falcon (Eli Remix)"
006. Lil Wayne & Currensy "Miami Vice"
007. Chris Brown & Will.I.Am "Picture Perfect"
008. Kanye West "Flashing Lights (Mano's Crispy Remix)"
009. Snoop Dogg "Sexual Eruption"
010. Ludacris "Get Out The Way Bitch (Neoteric Remix)"
011. Fergie & LMFAO "Clumsy Remix"
012. Haze "Keep It Bouncin"
013. Michael Jackson "Thriller (Bird Pete Remix)"
014. Camp Lo "Luchini (Skipmode Mix)"
015. Will.I.Am & Jay-Z "From Her Mama (Mick Boogie Remix)"
016. Uffie "Pop The Glock"
017. Estelle & Biggie Smalls "Wait A Minute (Mick Boogie Remix)"
018. Estelle "Wait A Minute (Sinden Remix)"
019. Pitbull "Go Girl (Dave Nada Remix)"
020. Green Velvet & Kid Sister "Shake & Pop Remix"
021. Chromeo "Bonified Lovin"
022. INOJ "Love You Down Remix"
023. The Dream "Shawty Is the Shit (Mano Remix)"
024. Toto & Biggie Smalls "Africa Remix"
025. Mark Morrison "Return Of The Mack (Benzi & Silk Refix)"
026. Annie Lennox "No More Paper Planes (B.Cause Remix)"
027. Jay-Z "Excuse Hatless Men (Terry Urban Remix)"
028. Suzanne Vega "Tom?s A Virgo"
029. Architecture In Helsinki "Heart It Races (A-Trak Remix)"
030. Daft Punk & Eddy Grant "Mr. Foot Long (Terry Urban Remix)"
031. Fatman Scoop "Mick Boogie Does It Interlude"
032. Enur & Ghostface "Calabria (Mick Boogie Remix)"
033. Purple Crush "Shopping On The Dance Floor (Krames Remix)"
034. Ida Corr & Mikey Rocks "Let Me Think About It (Curtified Remix)"
035. Fly Union "Scenario 2008 (Bobby LaBeat & Mick Boogie Mix)"
036. LMFAO "Yes"
037. Kid Cudi "Day N Nite (Jokers On The Scene Remix)"
038. The Klaxtons "As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)"
039. Fatman Scoop "Benzi's In The Building Interlude"
040. Wiz Khalifa "Say Yeah"
041. Chris Brown, T-Pain, & Wale "Kiss Kiss (Eli Remix)"
042. Twista & R-Kelly "So Sexy (Chromeo Remix)"
043. Something For The People "My Love Is Shhh (Sega Remix)"
044. Prince Mr. 773 "Kool Aid"
045. David Banner & Lil Flip "Like A Pimp (Nephets Remix)"
046. Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe "Bottle Poppin (Benzi Refix)"
047. T2 "Heartbroken"
048. Fatman Scoop "Outro"

Monday, June 16, 2008

Have all the new Nas joints been this hot?

I've made the very conscious decision not to listen to any of the new Nas joints that have been put onto the internets for a myriad of unimportant reasons. I'd rather wait until the album drops and listen to the entire thing. Plus, I read somewhere that Wale's "The Kramer" was better than the sum of all the leaked Nas joints. Either way, I decided to go ahead and give this a go on the strength of Ms. Hilson. Have all the new Nas joints been this vicious? Nas went in... hard. (Ayo...)

This album is gonna be Trouble.

Note the capital "T". So here's the full version of John Legend's new single with Andre Benjamin. Umm... all I can say is, if you're female, don't be around me when this joint comes on. It's summer time too? You're only asking for trouble--my bad, Trouble.

In case that was too much innuendo for some of you, this joint is hot fiya. It might even force me to bring back the term "grown and sexy." As 3 Stacks himself said, sometimes you gotta step from behind that piano.

Speaking of which, I almost wanna say that Andre freestyled part of that verse, or at least didn't write down the whole thing. Can we get a full album Andre?

Deez Nuts

From illseed

The tot was rushed to Tianjin Childrens’ Hospital on May 27 for surgery to remove his extra manhood.

The rare condition, the first for Tianjin Childrens’ Hospital, is called fetus in fetu (FIF).

Doctors, who spent over three hours removing the extra penis on June 6, said he was fine following surgery.

Superbad is officially that much more of a classic.

Street Dreaming

Just when y'all thought the Nigger controversy was old news... enjoy

Industry Rule #4080

As cornball as this mixtape cover and title is, Talib regained my undivided attention after dropping the Liberation mixtape with Madlib and near-classic Eardrum. Click the cover homie.

Talib Kweli & Mick Boogie - MCEO

Hoop Dreams

This whole black president thing gets more interesting with each passing day...

LOS ANGELES (AP)—Barack Obama sidestepped picking a winner in Sunday’s NBA Finals game, but the basketball aficionado is ready to take a firm stand if he makes it to the White House.

“I hear there’s a bowling alley and obviously that hasn’t gone too well,” Obama told comic Jimmy Kimmel in a satellite interview from Philadelphia on Sunday. “So we’re getting rid of the bowling alley and replacing it with a basketball court in the White House.”

Obama was referring to his disastrous attempt at bowling a few weeks before Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary in April. The party’s presumptive nominee for president is much more at ease on the basketball court.

Obama was appearing on Kimmel’s pregame show before ABC’s broadcast of Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Illinois senator diplomatically avoided picking a favorite between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics: “I’m a Bulls fan,” said the Chicagoan.

Not only am I excited about the prospect of pickup games in the White House with Mr. Obama, but the homie is a post-Jordan era Bulls fan... Dont let me down in November people!

DC's best Dance Crew

Can we get these guys on America's Best Dance Crew? They can rep for the whole DMV. The OG Huck-a-bucks "Sexy Girl" mixed into Wale's "Breakdown," to Tabi's "Lunchin"? And of course the opening Beat your feet sequence. I luv's it!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long Nights Chasing That High

Need a departure from electro, wayne & wale for the overnight stay with ur main boo? Shouts to my homie Jeannie for the heads up on this... Apparently theres a regular LA jam called Strictly Social where the stars of the under-the-radar soul scene are highlighted. Either way, they've released the first of a series of live mix sets by DJ Destroyer. Click the cover to enjoy.

Strictly Social Mixed Volume 1


Like A Pimp

If there's one rapper that keeps it 100 every time they open their mouth, a la UGK's Chad Butler, David Banner has definitely become hip hop's most relevant mouthpiece. Love or hate him, Banner held us down during the joke of a congressional hearing on hip hop's lyrical content, and happens to be a college grad. Personally, I've been a fan since Mississippi: The Album. Peep Mr. Banner weigh in on the current state of the genre...

Start Something

This is sposed to be the group rip. Had it for a couple days but haven't listened to it yet. If things continue like they have been lately, the link won't last long. Weezy, N.E.R.D., and Julian Velard were all reported by do-gooders, so get it while the getting's good. It's the price of getting more popular I guess. Either way, I'll continue to do it till the Big Five start sending me exclusive press passes. You know the drill, click the album cover.


P.S. I'll be dropping some eclectic weirder albums soon, so prepare yourselves.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Illiterate need not apply

I just came back from seeing this movie after a friend recommended it. I was definitely pleased. I like movies that play like good novels: entertaining, but also thought provoking; I want some kind of catharsis at the end. (BTW, that goes for all movies, comedies included--that's why I never liked Tyler Perry movies, just too dumb for me. It's also why I've always liked Dave Chappelle, scatological humor mixed with insightful social commentary--what more could you ask for?)

Anyway, the movie is Norwegian (yeah, I know) and I doubt it's playing everywhere, but if you live in or near a big city, I'm sure you could find it at one of those small, bougie, left-of-center movie houses that play independent films and have playbills, where customers buy popcorn and organic granola bars and locally packaged tea instead of hot dogs, nachos, and snickerdoodles. If you're in Philly, it's at the Ritz Five. I don't like when people give too much of a movie away, so that's all you'll get from me.


I don't know why

This has to be one of the most visually pleasing videos of all time.

Spin this

I thought this was America, people.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We call this "code-switching"

DuBois would be proud. So hilarious, I'm not sure if it's real or not.

Phil Knight, take notice.

2008 has been a big year for Jordan Brand. With the release of the 23rd Air Jordan sneaker and the countdown packs (June 21st is gonna be a big day), the folks in Oregon seem to be sitting pretty, even if they continue to create monstrosities like the 6 Rings far too frequently.

The mashups don't tend to go over well with the Jordan purists, but I'll admit that I think the Spizike's are aight and, yes, I even own a pair. One of our loyal readers sent us these original sketches of some sneaker designs he created. Here, Mr. Anonymous himself decided to do a mashup of his own. Inspired by Jordan's 6 championship rings, amassed over two separate 3-peats, the artist formerly known as "This is anonymous, but..." created two separate shoe designs. He even went to the lengths to create Hornets and Nuggets versions of each design. We give credit where credit is due, so without further ado:

Forgive the tacky blog tags, but niggas be jackin ish over the internet nowadays (it takes one to know one), so I had to protect the intellectual property. I'm much more of a fan of Vol 1 than Vol 2, but those first 3 lend themselves much more to being combined than the latter 3. What do you think?

Interested in submitting something to us? A post, poem, article, photos of Jay and Beyonce on a honeymoon? Email and if we like it, we'll post it under The Conscientious Observer.

Sorry guys, forgot about this one

I always did like CNN

I'm actually excited to see what they have in store. Here are a few reasons why:
  • It's NOT being aired during Black History Month (i.e. not falling victim to politically correct ethno-sensitive pandering)
  • CNN has a rack of negroes working for them
  • CNN is based out of Atlanta, the Chocolate City of the new millenium (not sure if it counts for much, but it's gotta count for something)
  • It's the only 24-hour news network that seems to understand the true role of the press, to investigate and report the news, with as little bias as possible.
  • And I just like the fact that they had the balls to put out a special entitled "Black in America." A title as inclusive as that will make it an immediate target for criticism. Niggas is never happy and always ready to complain to somebody about something. If they show too many convicts, somebody'll say "Not all niggas is locked up! Niggas be goin to school too!" If they show too many doctors, somebody'll say, "Not all niggas is doctors! Niggas still suffering under a racist hegemonic structure!"
It takes guts to be a major white media outlet and put yourself out there like that, cuz if they eff up, they might have to start giving specials to Al and Jesse just to make up for it.

Prolly Know Me From The Rap

If you love cars, scantilly-clad car hoes, Wale, and will be in the DMV this weekend with $25 burning a hole in your car-whore loving pockets, you should probably check this joint out. Can I mention how dope it must be for this bamma to be headlining a show... at Fed Ex Field... in Landover!

You want more, we want mo'...

Considering that Bun B's Trill and aptly-titled follow-up II Trill, were both created out of more necessity than creativity, you have to listen to them within proper context. Despite the infinite popularity of his baritone delivery and almost techinical rhyme structure, Bun B is not, and has never desired to be a solo artist. His two solo endeavors were the result of Pimp C's untimely incarceration in 2005 and death in 2007, both in efforts to uphold the UGK brand and make sure his partner's name continued to ring out. Unnecessary guest features abound and the absence of Pimp C's production are the clear flaws here, but Bun B manages to uphold his legendary status lyrically and conceptually throughout. The best moments here happen on down south anthem You're Everything (featuring a vicious sample of Jodeci's Cry 4 U on the hook) and the Pimp C assissted Underground Thang. Pour up (or not) and enjoy...

Click the cover to download.

Bun-B - II Trill

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Call me... "Anthony Greendown"

So as I said, last Friday, I went to the Roots pre-show and caught Santogold, Janelle Monae, The Randy Watson Experience, and The Roots. I feel no need to discuss The Roots cuz... they're The Roots. Performing live is what they do. Randy Watson, true to their namesake, put on a good show. But for me, the only reason why I was pressed to go was to see Janelle Monae and Santi White.

After a few opening acts, including a very raucous group outta Sierra Leone that kilt it, Santi came out on stage decked in a gold tracksuit and a snapback cap. The set was decent, even if the white dude in front of me kept texting to someone how Santogold sucked and sounded like Europop on crack. (I'd have to say it was a very accurate description though--the Europop, not the sucking, hmm.) Still, her two backup singer/dancers stole the show though. These chicks were at attention like they were Minister Farrakhan's personal bodyguards until the music dropped, after which they danced durn-near out of their clothes. Let's just say I enjoyed watching them do their thing, more than Santogold. She brought out Spankrock for "Shove It" and closed the show out with the crowd-pleaser "Creator," which definitely rocked. It was a decent show, but I wouldn't pay to see Santi again unless it was at a very small venue. Her style fits the whole basement party vibe more than anything else.

Finally, the future Mrs. Garr stepped onstage. Let me say that I think a sizable portion of the audience came only to catch Ms Monae. Her street team was out in full force and I heard quite a few people mention how much they looked forward to her show, even though they knew none of her music. (Underground hype does wonders.) Her band was sparse: just a guitarist, drummer, and a DJ. The guitarist looked like Andre 3000 on "Hey Ya." Her set was short; honestly, she coulda stayed for 2 hours and I don't think any of us woulda been upset--you know I wouldn'ta. She's a little woman with a LOTTA energy. I was surprised to see her sing so well for all the dancing she did. She gave us a few tracks from Suite I of Metropolis along with a cover of "Smile."

By the time she got to "Sincerely, Jane" I concluded that she is the prototype.

Some might say that she is today's Erykah Badu. Her avant garde style, groundbreaking music, and stellar live performances, along with her eccentricity are reminiscent of the last great Nigga Killa. I'd like to think that Erykah was yesterday's Janelle Monae. In a few years, she'll be turning niggas out like Badu did to Common and 3000.

I'm at school so I uploaded this straight to blogger, but here's a clip of her covering the classic Charlie Chaplin song, "Smile." Shoutout to my brand new Canon SD1100 IS

Tonight I'm off to see Jamie Lidell and on Sunday, Adele, who just might be the sexiest fat white woman ever. Life is good.

Lord of the Rings

Six months after Mr. Garr's early look atCharles Hamilton's music, the youngin is signed, on-air, and set to drop a DJ Green Lantern-helmed mixtape this summer. We hate to say we told u so, but we'll settle for a YH!SN... shout out on that jawn.

EDIT: Outside Looking has officially leaked. Enjoy.

Charles Hamilton - Outside Looking

The Graduate

I'm still not completely sold on Naledge's delivery throughout, but Kidz In The Hall have released one of the best hip hop records of the year thus far. Shed the backpack epic "Middle of the Map Pts. 1 & 2" and this jawn is end-to-end heat rock. Make sure to check for the last verse on "The Pledge"...

Click the cover to download!

Kidz In The Hall - The In Crowd

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Radio Killa

Why is The Dream's CD the best pop R&B album of 2007 and 2008? I never managed to make the appreciation post that I wanted to make during the winter, but that joint rocks track to track. Anyway, Wale went in on this jawn. Download and disfruta.

Monday, June 09, 2008

My Birthday is June 22. Let's celebrate July 11.

Since January/February, I've been perusing the tech websites and blogs about the rumored 2nd-generation, 3G iphone that Apple had in the works. Nobody said nothing definitively, but with Steve Jobs getting distribution contracts with 3G-only cell phone providers overseas, all signs pointed towards a new version of the phone that forever changed the game. And when I heard rumors that AT&T would be subsidizing the price, I almost thought it was too good to be true. My contract with T-mobile is up this month, and I came home today to a letter offering me some fugazi Nokia camera phone for free. I guess that was sposed to excite me. Sorry, I'd rather drop $200 on that new-new.

Sorry T-mobile. Actually, not sorry. More like "Eff T-mobile". Barring catastrophe, I will be a proud iphone owner and AT&T customer by summer's end. Your favorite bloggers will then be mobile to mobile brothers. Get right, cuz it ain't worth getting left folks.

Say It Loud

If Dubya can keep it funky as the must in Mississippi, so can we...

The debut release by Chicago's Cool Kids is the first in a series of daily black music drops you can expect this week. What more can I say about these n*ggas that hasn't been said in every progressive media outlet over the last 18 months. One thing's for certain, they're doing something right (or different) and that Black Mags joint definitely jams. Click the cover and feed the hypebeast.

Cool Kids - The Bake Sale EP


This is a great article on how black identity politics shape Obama's electability among white voters.

Read here.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Links or patties?

I love June. For one, it's my birthday month, and the man upstairs must know how to celebrate it. I went to the Roots Picnic's pre-show last night and saw Santogold and Janelle Monae. More on that in another post. Next week I'm going to see Adele and maybe Jamie Lidell. More on that after I go to the show. But for now, I'm gonna introduce you to Julian Velard. He's been in the game for a while. He's American, but found success across the pond in Europe so he's been living and performing over there for a while now.

I got a chance to see him sometime last year at the Tin Angel. I had no idea who he was at the time, and only went cuz I was bored and wanted something to do. I was pleasantly surprised and, of course, began bootlegging as much material as I could once I got home. I've been meaning to post this for a minute. It's sposed to be his first single, so I'm offering it to yall. Disfruta.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Why everything that's sposed to be bad make me feel so good?

Allow me to formally introduce you to the next great movement outta the Nation's Capital. Rap duo chris&dave have almost a decade's worth of EPs, LPs, and mixtapes under their respective belts as rappers, producers, and sometimes even, singers--the end to their version of 702's "I Still Love You" is still an all-time favorite. They've gone by many different names throughout this period. Hailing from Chicago's South Side, and having spent a few years in the black hole that is St. Louis, the duo has settled into the District of Columbia with much ease and little fanfare until now.

I'm sitting on a stack of living-room produced bars of gold and have decided to release a few of the unmastered versions. This first track is simply titled "U & Her" and features in-house production by The Paxtons.If you wanna get an idea of the flavor, I'll give you this tidbit: I saw a stripper walk across the floor on her lower cheeks to this song--no hands. David Kenneth will confirm. It was amazing (as were the other superhuman things we witnessed to this song alone.) No, you won't get much more info other than that, but once you listen to the song, you might get a better idea.

EDIT: New link. I got my hands on the studio version. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

And oh, needless to say, this is a YH!SN... exclusive.

Around the world and I'm back again

So somebody went and shut down the first link for Tha Carter III. It's ok, cuz I stole that link anyway. I haven't had much time to blog and do the whole internet thing lately, but I figured enough of yall have said something to me about this new Weezy so I might as well do the unprecedented and repost an album. I'm doing this more discreetly to avoid getting the link blocked again. Don't say I ain't never did nothing for yall.

Click here.

This is the retail group-rip with the "Got Money" Remix featuring Pitbull added at the end. It was personally upped by me so if it gets blocked again it means one of u reported it. In other words, don't report it. Enjoy it.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Astronaut Suits for the BBC

So, considering that summer is officially upon us, I shouldn't be surprised by the abundance of official ish jumping off this weekend. If you're down in the Hampton Roads area, you need to be at the OG C'monwealth shop with the BBC boys.

... and while I'm at it... this is possibly the freshest New Era that I wouldnt be caught dead rocking.

But you gotta give the nigga props for peaking the interest of URB Magazine X New Era to collab on a fitted with his logo... and NO RELEASE DATE for an UNTITLED album lol. Holla Black.