Saturday, December 27, 2008

[Eff] the flow, they jackin' our slang

This post is purely for stunting purposes. Like most ppl with even a small interest in rap, I check other blogs regularly. Some big, some small. This morn I did my regular check of NahRight and peeped this post of a supposed "UK Freestyle" by Wale. I know I shouldn't be stating this publicly, but I've been passing on a lotta new Wale songs jus cuz. It's not hate, just lack of interest maybe(?) Irregardless (yeah, irregardless), I hollered at the zshare link just to see if it was worth the download.

It wasn't. Not because it was bad, but because we gave yall this joint 1 year ago. (I had it in my personal vault for even longer.)

Don't believe me? Go 'head and click the link. The counter told me that most of yall slept on this jawn. The song was called "Fish N Chips". Don't choose zshare or rapidshare, cuz it's been so long that the zshare and rapidshare links expired. Megaupload works fine tho.

I find all the above side-eye worthy. To our dedicated core of readers, we thank you for the support. The majority of yall, I don't even know, nor do I know how you found us since I did not start this in search of e-fame. But all that makes me even more appreciative of your support. There a coupla yall who read and then jack my slang on your own ish. It's ok, it's the sincerest form of flattery. (If you start making money off it tho, I'm comin for my cut. You know who you are.)

Nonetheless, as 2009 approaches, I encourage you to holler through our archives before you find your favorite blog reposting something old as though it were something new. Holler at the weirder album drops, all The Paxtons ish, and even the slightly different stuff like K'naan. Real Niggas Light Candles 4 is very much on the way (thanks for all the feedback), and I even have a song ready for the 5th jawn. All this to say, you don't wanna be the 2009 version of the 2008 lame who thinks they're cool and different now because they just started listening to M.I.A.

OG readers, thanks. Newbies, thanks. It's been a good year. Tell a friend to tell a friend. A special shoutout to my beloved DMV and the city I now call home, illy Philly. Now stop reading and get to clicking. Descarga!

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