Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Because you care...

It's the second (and last) day of report card conferences so I'm chilling extra hard at school right now and have come to the conclusion that the music on my laptop is sooooo much weirder than the music on my desktop back at home. So much weirder. I mean, for real. I have albums whose album covers look like this:

And yes, the last one is a group called Cold Cave and the name of their EP is The Trees Grew Emotions And Died, which is a dope ass title cuz it's poetic as the eff word, but yo, it's equally as weird. And look at their faces! I'm not even sure if these 2 folks are even in the group. But if your interested in at least knowing what the Cold Cave album sounds like, click this.

I guess the strange music is all due to the fact that I spend a lotta time on the laptop looking up weird ish. (Where else do you think I find French neo-soul/electronica from?) All that to say, I'm not your favorite blogger's favorite blogger for nothing. Just imagine the kinda ish my favorite bloggers be on.

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