Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Heart Niggas

For those of y'all that follow "the league" (as I affectionately refer to the NBA), you should be familiar with the LA Clippers newest 20/10 scoring machine with little to no defensive awareness, a slovenly eating habits and chronic shiftlessness... Zach Randolph. My east coast heads should know him from his last 10 months in Knickerbocker Blue and Orange. Regardless, this clip is from his days as Portland Trailblazer... this past February... yep 3 teams in less than one calendar... sigh.

If you missed any of the nigrosity, I took notes.

0:24 that big dumbass large palm holding a bible for which he explains "God blessed me to have this nice house"
2:01 the bassinet and rocking chair in the corner of his bedroom (in lieu of a baby room) with nothing but a pair of gucci print shoes for which he explains "she gotta be ready for when she get here, gucci"
2:42 there's nothing wrong with jail pics... lord knows I got plenty incarcerated fam but the blownup jostens backdrop is hilarious
2:45 the "free larry hoover" poster to compliment...
2:51 ... that huge six point star in the center of that blue table. this nigga is gd folks til the world blow up and wants all of america to know it
2:58 back to the "free larry hoover" poster over a pic of randolph and mandela who he describes as a "real powerful man"
3:42 mike vick's dogs

For cooning yourself on MTV, Randolph rightfully deserved this week's poster courtesy of Superman

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