Thursday, December 18, 2008

Have you seen my childhood?

I'ma be real, aside from the 7/16 pack, Saturday's 11/12 countdown pack were the only pack I truly creamed over. These shoes released when I was in middle school and are the basis of so many of my middle school memories. They are a big reason why my shoe problem is even a problem. You see, times were rough for my family back in 6th grade, such that after I had grown out of my pair of Air Raids in 5th grade, my mom took me Back to School shopping at Payless and bought me Sega sneakers cuz that was the best we could afford. Yeah, as in "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Shinobi" Sega. Bet you didn't even know Sega made shoes huh? Well, I unfortunately did, and it was how I began middle school, wearing black Sega shoes with Sonic and Knuckles on the tongue. Needless to say, I've been overcompensating ever since.

To make matters worse, this period was when Jordan Brand released two of its most iconic sneakers. I feel as though further discussion is unnecessary, but getting these jawns was an immediate priority as soon as the pack was announced. Some problems though:
  • those 12's look jye fugazi
  • I'm still broke
  • I'm not pressed enough to canvas the city for these or even holler at connects
  • I will not be camping out or in a line longer than 15 ppl

So who knows what'll happen Saturday. I was planning on going to NYC anyway to party with my hippy crew so I may pass on these. But who knows, I might be on the chinatown bus with a pair on my feet. Time will tell.

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