Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank God for Half-Days

I'm sure you noticed the lack of updates from yours truly. The classroom hustle is killing me right now. Thankfully, the other half has come through in the clutch to fulfill the cravings of you internet fiends.

The Paxtons are also on the grizzy like a recording contract depends on it... mostly cuz it does. Members Only is still burning up the internets, the Uptown Roamers party was a stunning success, and the Windy City Brethren have been parked in the DMV working on their next mixtape, to be released on the most important day in Black American History, 1.20.09, aka Barack Hussein Obama's Innauguration Day. They just touched North Philly at the Shoeseum over by Temple and faced down the toughest crowd possible: Philadelphia sneakerheads. As we did for the last mixtape, I'm dropping off a single that's been making its way around the internets for a couple weeks. Disfruta, dingbats.

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