Saturday, December 20, 2008

Until The Lion Learns To Speak

I actually made it out to the Ubiq/Stussy party this past Wednesday, despite my upset stomach, and learned that K'naan is dropping a new album, Troubadour, in '09. Most of yall slept on The Dusty Foot Philosopher when I dropped it back in July. I actually had this joint too but decided to keep it close. I planned on dropping it Thursday but school got in the way, then today I see a K'naan post on NahRight, so I guess his publicist is earning her paycheck.

Either way, with K-Os already set to release an album, Drake rapping really well, and K'naan doing his thing, Canada might be the next Dirty South. Sike nah, it's not that serious, but Canada is really bringing heat. Along with Drake and K-Os, K'naan is a lyrical dude that would prolly be stirring up revolution were he not a rapper. Maybe he figured rap could do both. Click the album cover to download.

For a taste of dude (ayo), i'll drop this nugget:

Until the lion learns to speak
The tales of hunting will be weak
My poetry hails within the streets
My poetry fails to be discrete
It travels across the earth and seas
From Eritrea to the West Indies
It knows no boundaries no cheese
It's studied in parts of Greece
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

I am sick as far as lyrics
Not with, as far as gimmicks
I spit barraging limit
The shit they talk and rip it
I'm hip, the hop is living
I skip the obvious women
Don’t get what I am presenting
No rims, my mind is spinning
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

I was born and raised in the place
Where the torn a flame would blaze
Where the foreigners not embraced
Where they warn you, jog, and pace
Where the loners lower their gaze
Where the corners slower the chase
Where they twist and turn in a maze
With a pistol 'pon your face
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)

So come with me to my lungs
The depths and be overrun
With passion see how I come
No cash I’m free in the slums
The past, can we overcome?
I’m ask[ing] can we be the ones
To actually be the ones
To free our people from guns?
runtaa, hadii kale waxaan lahaa (truthfully, if I was saying)


Shida said...

See I should visit your spot a lil more often. I would find out about this stuff a bit earlier. I must admit though, I like peeping it on my own and feeling like I found somin tight all by my lonesome. Only to be let down when I come on here like oh he done already shouted it out hahaha

Anywho- LOVE this cat. Peeped him on this show 4real a while back (not sure if it only airs in Philly) Real good stuff.

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

u kno how we do shida. lol. and yeah u should holler at the blog regularly. we hit lulls every now and then cuz niggas be on that 9 to 5 tip, but when we blog, WE BLOG! YA DIGGZ! sike nah... ha. make sure u holler at that little dragon tho. i think u'll dig it.