Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There are a number of trends for which DMVers rightfully claim themselves the progenitors: Nike Boots, 'Posites, New Balances (i'll admit, not as big an export), even slim jeans. (I remember being clowned for how I wore my jeans by the "cooler kids" my freshman year at Wash U in 2002--yawn.) Another trend that I honestly think got its start in the DMV was the Casio G-Shock. I remember back in the 90's go-go heads stayed rocking G-Shocks. If it wasn't a G-Shock, it was a watch with ridiculous digital features like walkie-talkies and ish. It was the perfect accessory to a H.O.B.O. or Shooters fit.

I thought it was kinda odd when it became streetwear's watch of choice, mostly cuz I didn't think it was new. I bought into the craze back in '99, but it's almost 10 years later, and I got a salary. I'm thinking about a COSC-certified timepiece. But if I had to go digital, I always said it'd be for a calculator watch. *shrugs* I'm a dork. I was actually bout to buy a gold Casio calculator watch not too long ago, but thought better cuz I'm broke as the entire financial system. But when i caught wind of these over at gizmodo a few days ago, I was glad I passed on the gold jawn. And for $59 too? Yeah, jus gimme that black and gold jawn in the top middle and I'm guuuuuuud.

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