Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Know What You Like

Mick Boogie Presents... Adele: 1988. Click the album cover to download. Cuz I said so.

1) Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
2) Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3) Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4) First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
5) My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6) Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
7) Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8) Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9) Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)

EDIT: It looks like the link is down. I tried to play nice and direct link the actual source but all the trendsters have crashed the link. When I get back home I'll re-up personally to a different link. Until then, keep the Naledge remix on repeat. And expect me to stunt hard when all these late-comers start acting like they been on Adele. Check my pedigree.

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