Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recession Special

This was the first free Saturday I've had in over 2 months. It was also the first time I had a little bit of expendable income. I would call it luck, but since I'm a water sign and the moon was at its perigee, maybe it was written. Either way, I made it downtown to do some Christmas shopping for the fam and of course only bought things for myself.

Ubiq released its Holiday line today with a rack of kicks, tees, hoodies, and fitteds. Plus they've got the entire store on friggin sale with everything from the stockroom out on the floor. Practicing some financial restraint, I picked up a fitted and something else that's like 2 seasons old, but was on a steep discount (shoutouts to Andy.) But if you're not like me and have dough to squander, make ur way down to Walnut St. or holler at that Ubiq link and make it rain.

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