Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Social Darwinism

Despite the fact that good guys wear black and lake michigan used to be my backyard, I'm never one to drink the kool-aid regarding artists from Chicago, however when a nigga happens to be dope aaaaaand from the city of broad shoulders (Lupe, 'Ye, Mic Terror, etc...) I'm behind it 110%. Thats why y'all need to educate yourselves on my man TNS real quick. As one-half of The EP, he's got two EP's under his belt and the newest release is fresh to say the least. Erase all thoughts of Kid Sister or Mikey & Chuck out of your heads immediately... theres lyricsim abound here and a nice selection of beats. I'm personally hooked on World Play & Nothing Compares Click the cover to download.

The Native Soul (TNS) - An Evolution

...and just for good measure, I've been killing this jawn for like a year before I even heard Drake's Comeback Season mixtape. I think you'll like it understand why.

The EP - 2nd Spot

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