Thursday, September 18, 2008

One A Day

Allow me this. Today is Thursday, and every Thursday, Spring to Fall, there's a Farmer's Market at Clark Park in West Philly. My first couple years here, I never knew about it because I either had class or was at work til they kicked me out the building. Now that I've got the hang of things, I often catch it on my walks home from the trolley stop on Woodland Ave.

Today's farmer's market seemed no different than any other: nice people, fresh fruits and veggies--all is well. Then, suddenly, I saw one stand selling one of the greatest delicacies since fried chicken and watermelon: honeycrisp apples.

This time last year, I bought a honeycrisp apple on a whim at a grocery store and was surprised at how sweet and juicy it was. I kept going back day after day until suddenly they stopped selling them.

Well, I now know that it was because the fruit had gone out of season, and as I tried other varieties to see if I could find an appropriate substitute, I was constantly disappointed. Nothing lived up to that honeycrisp.

But now, all is well again. Honeycrisps are in season, and I bought about a dozen from some inbred looking Pennsylvania Dutch woman who frowned when I asked if they took credit cards.

They did take credit and I put $3 on my check card cuz I couldn't wait to go to an ATM and left with a bag of honeycrisps. All that to say, go get one for yourself. It's worth the hype.


Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

i'm a fuji man myself.

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

thas cuz u never had a honeycrisp