Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shawwwtay Say What's Your Price?

Moms just hipped me to the fact that I have unclaimed property in Missouri today. Unclaimed property is an appropriate way of stating that them niggas got ta pay what they owe, or its finna be smoke in the city... or something like that.

As random as this may seem, I figured I'd drop some knowledge your way as you might also have $1 - $5 dollars locked up in one of these 50 state governements from sea to shining sea. Might not sound like much, but I'm sure Mr. Garr feels me... let the dollar circulate! I dont know how every other state does it, but for those of you YH!SN... faithful that got edjumacated in the Show Me State like myself and Mr. Garr, you might wanna hit up that yung state treasurer's office.

And a word from 2008's official milk carton all-star... RICH BOY!

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