Thursday, September 04, 2008

This made my day

Well not really. School started today, so I have a new class of ruffians to tame. It was a great day, so you won't hear much about it, but I just read this article on Obama's response to Palin's attacks off Yahoo! News and thought David Axelrod's quote was nerd-hilarious.
"They're shedding an awfully lot of heat but no light," he said. "It almost defies the laws of physics."

BTW, watching an hour of the RNC did more to convince me to vote for Obama than the entire DNC. Mitt Romney's misleading and anachronous speech scared me cuz it was so smooth, most people prolly didn't realize how wrong it was. Huckabee was good though, even if I can honestly say I disagree profoundly with his political ideologies, dude's got swagger. Anyway, Axelrod's quote was friggin hilarious.

*Edit* blogger tells me that this is the 666th post (including the drafts that I never posted). EEK!

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