Monday, September 29, 2008


So I'm the Magic Johnson theaters in Largo, MD to catch Miracle at St. Anna, which, happens to be a phenomenal film. Anywho, I was blessed with this video during the previews...

These niggas have ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME! If you can tell me what NASCAR and the military has in common other than a crucial endorsement deal, I'll give you a dollar.

Ps. kilyoself if you dont recognize the title of this post and its relevance from this classic cartoon
Pps. kid rock is a republican

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Youngest MILF said...

yyyyyyyyyyyyvan ehht niiiiooooooooj yyyyyyvan ehht niiiiooooooooooj

that episode was funny as hell... milhouse's voi--actually all they voices ahahahahahahahaha!!

pps. I read that kid rock shit cuz I honestly didn't know he was a republican, esp being from the D...its like WHY but, I read it, and I ended up hating Bill O'Reilly more instead of harboring ill feelings towards K.R. weird. Actually not so weird, Bill O'Reilly can suck my chocolate salty balls (RIP Isaac Hayes) all night long.