Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rock City

For those of you unfamiliar with the current political drama unfolding in Detroit... holla at my dood, DG from In Our Hands NYC. Anywho back in April, Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, Kilpatrick's most ardent supporter (save for his mother) and wife of Congressman John Conyers, got into a heated argument with Council President Ken Cockrel during a live council meeting. The end result was her certifiably japping on this nigga and calling him Shrek, amongst other wildly disrespectful dialogue. Following this she was brought before Detroit students to discuss her behavior in what I'm sure was intended to be a positive press opp. The end result, Councilwoman Conyers being baited into an argument with an 8th grader which succintly concluded with young'n scolding "sometimes people need to think before they act".

Somewhere around the way, Mrs. Conyers managed to threaten shooting DeDan Milton and take bribes from Synagro for a $47M sludge dumping contract (as if detroit wasnt dirty enough) in a seemingly action-packed year. I love my people... enjoy the clip!


Youngest MILF said...

As a sometimes detroit citizen these days, I love it.

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

that little girl is my hero. PREACH!!