Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Harrison Ford

Oscar Pistorius is officially the baddest man in South Africa not named Mandela. Word to the panhandler from KIDS...

A. His nickname is Blade Runner
B. He runs a 46.25s (LaShawn Merritt won gold in Beijing with a 43.75) in the 400 meters with prosthetic blades in "able-bodied competition". Thats Spanish for people with legs.
C. He finished one place short of qualifying for the South African Olympic team this spring
D. His nickname is Blade Runner!

The problem...

A. Pistorius's limbs used 25% less energy than able-bodied runners to run at the same speed, and that leads to less vertical motion combined with 30% less mechanical work for lifting the body.
B. The 'blades' return more energy per stride without ever becoming fatigued or requiring the same investment of energy and they are not subject to metabolite or lactic acid build-up that slows down ordinary athletes
C. The 'blades' he uses are longer than is necessary, allowing him to cover more ground in each stride

Oscar Pistorius completed his gold-medal haul at the Paralympics on Tuesday in Beijing, winning the 400 meters to go with sprint victories in the 100 and 200.

The South African double amputee known as "The Blade Runner" finished in 47.49 seconds, a world record for his disability class in a meet sanctioned by the International Paralympic Committee.

Pistorius, 21, runs on carbon-fiber blades. He was born without a fibula, a bone in the lower leg, and both legs were amputated below the knee when he was 11 months old.

Pistorius' next goal is to qualify for the world championships next year in Berlin, where he would face able-bodied runners. (AP)

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