Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Man of the Year

Today was clearly a much-needed slow day on the gig if I watched a whole dj(insert the name of your favorite mixtape dj) tv interview with (insert your five favorite blogs' favorite rapper of the moment) today... I'm lying. I didnt watch the whole ten minutes. But DJ Semtex's interview with Styrofoam Cup Weezy (he's baaaaaaaack) revealed a few interesting points.

Drake is signed to Young Money

Dr. Carter was originally intended for Jay-Z

Apparently he had no idea what made the final tracklist for Tha Carter 3

I suppose the whole Drake signing to Young Money thing would explain why Wayne spit Drake's verse from Money To Blow over the Misunderstood instrumental during his VMA performance... and here I thought he was stealing. Of course not. Wayne was bigging up his brother, cuz he's big enough to do it. By the way, Leona Lewis is bad. If only her song wasn't so Marlon & Shawn White Girls with it, I just might have obsessed over her back in the spring like T-Money.


Anonymous said...

He spit the verse because he forgot his own verse. And Leona Lewis need to be Mrs McIntyre

Youngest MILF said...

As a fellow big legged girl, Leona Lewis is the truth. Since Alicia Keys decided to lose a gang of weight, and hide her big legs under Sexy Hilary pant suits, I was feeling the void until Ms. Lewis stepped in. Lets all hold hands and remember her closing the olympics...*sigh* them is some big beautiful legs.

ps. Can YH!SN cover this "Large Hadron Collider" on the google homepage. I personally think that Jesus is coming...cuz scientists have officially line stepped with this one (first, I thought cloning was a problem, the the iPhone...but this...a proverbial "time machine"...its over yall) I know your blog is usually not about things like this, but I figure, the end of the world as we know it, probably Black Hole Sun vid style, is important to cover.