Monday, September 08, 2008

Rapper Ternt Sanga?

The following post was submitted by one of our most--if not the most--avid readers back in April. Reading Dave's VMA Kanye post reminded me of it. I guess we aren't the only ones ahead of the curve. Enjoy:

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen many declarative shirts that follow this template:
(New fad that probably wont last that long) IS THE NEW (Old Classic that we will revisit after a few months of Nostalgia)

With that being said, I have noticed a trend that has been cusping for a while, and with the latest joints featuring Phonte crooning (and sounding good might I add!), it hit me:

Take a second and just think about it. I mean let’s be real, we’re all used to rappers wanting to do something other than rap: act, play ball, act, own teams, run record labels, act, etc., but I never thought I’d see the day where the bully’s of the music industry would go Ralph Tresvant on us by the bundle. Isn’t this the same thing that 50 Cent used to end Ja Rule’s career? But then, he is singing his heart out on a few cuts (i.e. 21 Question, Take You To The Top, etc.), so 50 is the face of rap hypocrisy.

But as I start to really think about it, this really isn’t all that new. Crooning rappers have become the Navy Seals of Music, sneaking up on us and setting up shop on our musical shores before we even have a say. Here’s is a list of 10 notable Rappa Ternt Sangas (this list is in no particular order).

  • Lil’ Wayne- Apparently Weezy F. got bit by same Haunted Synthesizer that turned T-Pain into Nate Dogg 3000. At Least he ain’t tryna “REALLY SANG”, cuz we could just imagine (shudder)…
  • Ja Rule- Don’t Front. Anything with him and Lil’ Mo was good money…like 5 years ago. Everybody was “crying together” when Rule 3:3-6 came out…’til the Hail Mary dis record came out. Speaking of which…
  • 50 Cent- I’m not gonna front; I like 50 more as a singer than a rapper. And you do too…“You ain’t gotta take ya panties off/ Just pull ‘em to the side?” “I tell these hoes all the time, ‘Bitch get in my car!’” Just think about it…
  • Mos Def- My Umi: Jordan used it to sell his shoes. Jordan knows what’s up. Why don’t you?
  • Andre 3000- Don’t get it twisted. He is the best rapper alive. But he’s great at so many other things too. Like crooning. If you didn’t get (understand) The Love Below, then you don’t know what love is.
  • Cee-Lo Green- Before he was Gnarly, he was the Soul Machine. Before he was the Soul Machine, he was one of the dopest in the A. Learn yo’ history chilluns!
  • Bone Thugs-N-Harmony- These dude pulled off the greatest musical caper since Milli Vanili. They had everybody thinking they were rappers. When you’re done with this article, go back and listen to E. 1999 Eternal…don’t feel bad. They got me too.
  • Will.I.Am- Because he’s such a musical genius, it doesn’t surprise me that he can hold a tune. He killed the Common hook. He kills every hook. I’m dubbin’ him the new Quincy Jones. Now, if only we can get him to stop wearing knickers…
  • Kanye West- Maybe he’s tryna save money (since he’s wastes so much making videos then scrapping them), but I noticed he sang a lot of his hooks on Graduation. A word of advice ‘Ye: Save the money on the videos and get Will.I.Am to do your hooks.
  • Phonte (Lil’ Brother)- I was floored when I heard the Take on Me and Africa remakes. It was like when the quiet kid at your church gets up and sings a solo, and you’re like “I’ve known this nigga for 7 years, and had no idea.” Part of me was even mad that he kept that cat in the bag for so long.

Honorable Mentions: Black Thought (If you haven’t seen The Roots live then you prolly don’t know; Diddy (Last Night was enough to consider him for this list); K-Os (I’m not really sure which one he did first though…); Snoop (Sexual Eruption. Nuff Said.); Lupe Fiasco (see: Kanye West); Nelly (see: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony); Pharrell (I feel like he’s more singer than rapper; and more producer than anything);

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