Monday, September 29, 2008

Chicken & Beer

If you know me personally and wonder why I either hit you with a weekly bulk text or dont answer my phone at all on Monday... ask them good people over at Rhino Bar. Where else can you catch Monday Night Football on three 100+" screens, simulcast baseball games on 36" flats, $5-$6 drinks (on the east coast), and TEN CENT WINGS? And when I say they kicks it... them white folks love it. Rhino Bar is a proud Philadelphia Eagles bar, hence I witnessed a nigga (sans melanin) named Ben play a trombone after over 200 sage-clad fans sang Fly, Eagles Fly in unison following every touchdown scored against Dallas.

You can catch me there every week about 5 deep on average, splitting a $40 dollar tab for 4 pitchers of Yuengling and 80 wings.

Tonight... Ray Ray n'em (B-more) vs. Steelers
3295 M St NW, G'town

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