Thursday, August 14, 2008

You like what you see?

It's a dude. No lie. This transgender person--read: dude--is on the next season of America's Next Top Model. Anything for ratings I guess...

Here's the whole story.

And homey's from PG County, MD. Goes to show, you can never be too safe these days. Niggas walkin around looking just like these females. Be careful out there Dave. Here in Philly, you can usually spot em cuz they look more like this:

This post inspired by the good folks at Bossip.

1 comment:

Rel said...

LMAO Greezy you fucked up man!! But 1) I didn't like what I saw, and
2) Upon lookin closer at "her" face, I could tell it was a dude anyway.
Nice try, but you can't slip a dude past me son. I live in Hawaii, the home of the transies. My eye is well trained.