Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Some of you may have missed out on some of the media attention given to this new film starring Penelope Cruz and Ben Kingsley. While in the Bay Area, I got a chance to catch this joint. Here are a few reasons why you should do yourself a favor and do the same:
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Penelope Cruz's eyes
  • Penelope Cruz's accent
  • Penelope Cruz's acting
  • Penelope Cruz's breasts
  • Penelope Cruz's breasts
  • Penelope Cruz's breasts
Ok, so maybe I've done a disservice in reducing a great film to the physical beauty of it's main actress, but after you see it, you may understand there was a deeper reason in my doing so. The movie is great--the dialogue leaves something to be desired at times though. It's based off a novel and the images used as metaphors carry this film, along with the emotional quality of Penelope Cruz's performance. Many people write off Penelope as just another Hollywood pretty face. However, Cruz is one hell of an actress. Her performance in Volver was outstanding and the subtlety of her performance in Elegy carries this film from start to finish. Yeah, it's got Dennis Hopper and Ben Kingsley, who happens to be a British knight, and they do good jobs, but Cruz is really the reason to watch this. And did I mention you see her boobs?

The movie is a limited release so it may not be showing near you--I had to go to the left coast to catch it--but if it's showing in your city, or you catch a bootleg on one of the internets, watch it.

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