Monday, August 04, 2008

A Guy Called ?uest

Today I decided to venture outside of the 3 block radius from the crib in West Philly and head downtown to catch up with the Ubiq peeps. ?uestlove's special edition Air Force 1's are releasing here tomorrow and there's quite a hubbub over them. My personal take? It's a cool shoe and it's backed by a pretty dope dude. Nevertheless, I'll be watching from the sidelines (literally) since I don't have $235 to throw at some sneaks. The NYC release at Alife drew a lot of attention and ?uest himself showed up. Hypebeast said ?uest personally bought the first 5 ppl's pair for them. Some of the folks at Ubiq told me he actually bought a couple other ppl pairs for them as well.

Here in Philly, dudes have been camping out since Saturday. Not to be outdone in his hometown, I heard that ?uest made numerous appearances and treated the fiends to pizzas and hoagies on his personal tab. Will he also be buying kids sneakers come tomorrow? Who knows. All I know is that I can't afford 'em. But hopefully, I'll win that email drawing. If I do win them, I will immediately resell them. Times is tough, and a nigga needs to pay the bills, ya dig?

Regardless, the release party will be in-store tomorrow night. If you're in town, there's no reason to not stop by. ?uest will be spinning, a few other local celebs might show up (cuz they always do), and there'll prolly be a few quasi-cool, psuedo-eccentric females to test out that game you've been perfecting all summer. But please, leave the shemaghs at home. They're kitsch, not cool.

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