Friday, August 01, 2008

Am I alone on this one?

The Air Yeezy's are not hot. When I first saw glimpses of them after his Grammy performance, I thought they were interesting, but once I actually saw what they looked like, I easily passed. Still, 6 of the 7 internets have continued to add to the hype of this overrated sneaker. Oh well, if you like em, fine, but they're an ok sneaker at best, in the vein of other ok mashups like the Spizike's.

I appreciate the sensationalization tho. They even got this pic of Kanye acting like he can draw.

Nice try. I'm not convinced tho. On second thought, maybe I am. Kanye's always been good at trying to look good (pause). The shoe looks like it's trying too hard to be hot, kinda like Mr. West. And before you Kanye stans get ur panties in a bunch, it's my opinion, and I'm a regular joe who has never flown on anything but commercial airlines and still doesn't own a car. In other words, if your feelings are hurt, you obviously don't have enough things to worry about in life.

The Staple Pigeon 575's tho? Now those are hot.


Anonymous said...

naw, im with you.. not so cute.

they just.. bore me.. they got nice corlors, but.. eh.

and i hate the velcro strap on sneakers.. yall are grown- yr tellin me you can't tie yr damn shoes?? you really need a velcro strap like a 3 yr old??

but hey- i love kanye. and i do think that he might do a lil bit of sketching, etc.. he seems like he really is into design and stuff.

i think some folx forget that celebs are still people.. just cuz he got money doesn't mean that he had to hire someone to sketch in a book and then take pics of him holdin it. norml ppl like doodling. eh.. idk.

keep up the nice work with the blog!


Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

Well I like these, but only in this color way. I think the biggest design flaw is the toe box. The strap is cool (sorry anon, but straps are to provide more support in sneakers...athough nobody straps their shit up so it just becomes a design feature), especially because its patent leather. That could have been a bad choice, but it works. But the toe is from the most boring sneaker out there the AF1/BAPE. The only reason people like them is because they look classic and the color combos. But here is looks like Napoleon Dynamite at the school dance...out of place. I will dig and find a suitable replacement toe box design and maybe do a sketch...and hope the blog shows me more love

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

if there's any celebrity who seems more human than celebrity, it's kanye west. and if it's any celebrity that would take a pic of himself holding a sketch he did not make, it's also kanye west. (he would put it up on his blog). but as i said, i'm not being completely serious, he very well may have drawn it, but that means nothing since the shoe is jus average anyway.

and that strap is a rip off of the ato matsumoto's that he wore at summer jam (which of course is a revamped version of past nike classics). either way, it's there for form and not function, which is apparent when you see how unnecessarily far it protrudes from the shoe. the toebox is decent tho. speaking poorly of the AF1 is sacrilege, jeffrey. that earthquake mighta been coming for you the other day. repent or watch out.

SKECH185 said...

Kanye went to the American Academy of Art on a one year scholarship. He dropped out but the kid could draw and paint well enough to get a one year ride. I've seen a piece from him and hes good.

the shoes okay at most

Cara said...

first...for that entire last paragraph not so subtly dissing 'Ye as well as patronizing (zealous) fans coupled with your "some of my best friends know Kanye West, so I *know* what he's like" comment when someone pointed out he may actually be artistically talented awards you a giant "Hi Hater", mister. lmao

Second, not to be a hater myself...who am I kidding, to be a big hater...why do grown ass men go ape shit over sneakers anyway? I made my living out of fashion, and I got paid a good amount for it. I spent most of the money I made on looking good myself, so I feel like I know a tidbit about looking and feeling cute...and I still don't get that shit. And these days, its like jeans are getting smaller, and stupid tennis shoes are getting bigger. And to be honest, the pair up there looks basically just like every other whoopdy doo pair of friggin fancied up sneakers I've ever seen, so to even be able to label it uglier than most...?? I'm totally vexed about it. I just can't grasp the heaviness...

Perhaps YH!SN can do an ode to the sneaker post. School me on some history or something to make me see the leather upper light...?

jvtaylorjr said...

Grease, I wasn't dissing the AF1. I just broke it down and separted it. As far as just lines, they are very simple. The White on whites only became popular because of their affiliation with the drug dealers uptown...but of course you know this. Now part of their simplicity and boringness is one of the main reasons they work for me. They are the perfect blank canvas. But the Yeezy just needed a little more and for me the toe box lacks. It's like a 5 course meal, but the dessert is vanilla ice cream.

And to cara, i suggest the documentary "Just for Kicks." It will answer most of your questions about why we are so "ape-shit" over sneakers.

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

Ha, I guess my English Lit degree came in handy. My skills at hating are rivaled only by my music snobbery. I'm good at it, and who am i to let my God-given talents go to waste?

Also, let the record state that I have a number of other hater comments that i kept to myself cuz i figured, since most of the readers don't know me personally, yall mighta taken me too seriously.

The blogosphere is too small. Don't tell kanye, dude's got emotions. When he's upset, it's caps lock and exclamation points. I don't need that kinda attention my way.

(btdubs, i'm selling tix to this year's Hater Convention. if interested, drop $20 in my paypal account.)