Friday, August 29, 2008

For the 215er, Mazeltov.

Click the cover to download.

Asher Roth's breakout mixtape was released back in June after a surprising rise in popularity thanks a lot to his impressive version of "A Milli" and his unabashedly white, jewish, suburban flava. Add to that the cosign from two of hip hop's biggest men on campus, DJ's Cannon and Drama, and you have the guy everybody can't help but compare to Slim Shady. No, I didn't put you onto this dude first, mostly cuz I knew I didn't need to when he was immediately getting play on the big blogs and such, but that didn't mean I neglected to notice his talent. Still, hype kills, so take the time to come to your own conclusions. He's a good rapper, a solid talent, and one who seems to take the art seriously, which is not always true of suburban white kids. Click the cover to download the mixtape and below are a couple other joints I scratched up.

Asher Roth - I Love College
Asher Roth - Swing Your Rag Radio Freestyle


G*Two said...

Dude is a beast. I've had his mixtape for about a month now and it stays in rotation on the ipod.

Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

when did slim shady and kanye have a kid?