Sunday, August 17, 2008

Real Talk

Obama might lose. Like for real. Sorry guys, but watching the forum at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, I understood why people are drawn to McCain. When he's speaking his mind and not what his handlers are feeding to him, you see someone who is much more common sense than partisan. Yes, he carries his torture like a badge of honor. He can be boring and gimmicky--a quarter-century in the Senate will do that to you. Shoot, old age'll do it to you. Still, he's much more thoughtful than ideological, and, even though I want to vote for Obama, and hope that he wins in a landslide, the reality is that I'm still relatively undecided. If McCain can convince me that he will preside as McCain and not as A Republican, he stands a good chance of winning my vote.

Just sayin...

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Hip said...

Glad to hear that,,,i'm an Obama supporter, but its good to hear people trying to make INFORMED decisions, rather than blindly picking someone.

im tired of hearing all these people support obama, but can't justify why, other than "we need change" or "he represents us".

Or why they don't like Mccain because he's "old" or "the same thing we've had".