Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Works Cited

I try not to repost things I find on bigger music blogs too much, but The Fader's blurb about this song was so good I decided to just copy and paste for yall. Enjoy:
Let us genuflect once again at the rhinestone encrusted altar of Polow Da Don. "Single" could have been a slow-jam vessel for anyone to sing about absolutely anything - Ciara's vacant yearnings, Usher lamenting nightclub bottle service, Plies mumbling about things that your lady parts can do - yet Polow said "No! I shall bestow this upon Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny, for only they are truly deserving." Why? We don't want to dwell on the fact that New Kids [On The Block] are old (it requires dwelling on the fact that we are old) but you can tell it was on Polow's mind when he whipped this up. On the surface, "Single" is an ode to all the single (duh) ladies out there with their own jobs / real hair / etc, but it's really an anthem for the over-40 set playing the bar, wrinkling in ill-fitting Ed Hardy sweatshirts and unbuttoned Armani Exchange, copping appletinis for Rebecca and Amy and 'em just to "be your boyfriend till the song goes off." These dudes. You know these dudes! You have seen them in every nightclub in every city in the world. New Kids On The Block are these dudes. Polow you a genius! (Not sure where Ne-Yo falls into this particular May-September romance, but we forsee a Rex Manning Day somewhere in his future too.)

Fader Mag bloggers, you are the Heisenberg to Polow's Einstein. Download the song and get to groovin.

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