Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perhaps the GPOAT

I know LL's been tryna seriously act like ppl should consider him the greatest rapper ever--and he should stop--he could at least claim that he had the greatest live rap performance ever. (Sorry Hov.) I would pay $20 to travel back in time to be in that crowd. That was a friggin party. He had them white boys in the band gettin jiggy! LL took em to church. (Literally, he gave that "Leave that crack alone" sermon during the break.) And you can't forget about when he flipped "Jinglin Baby" either. My mood is very early 90's right now.

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jvtaylorjr said...

you know it was a great performance cuz if it wasn't out of this world the only thing people would remember were them big ol deodorant balls he had caked up in his pits.