Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super Smash Brothers

Complex Magazine, the publication that hypebeasts love, cool guys love to hate, and everybody buys, is featuring The Paxtons as part of their Emerging Artists Challenge. A definite resume builder for the duo and yet another cosign that the hype is deserved, they are currently in the first round of the competition. If the judges of Complex and decide that they're worthy (and why wouldn't they?), they'll be one of 10 finalists to win a music video shoot, at which point you can count on yours truly to bombard you with not-so-subtle suggestions that you vote (or die). Check out the site here and tell your friends you were on it first.

1 comment:

Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

I thought I was a cool guy...but since I love complex, I guess I'm a hypebeast.

Time to check into rehab. This will eat away at me for a while.