Sunday, March 01, 2009

Why do I have a camera in my hand?

Tragicomedy. Discuss.


Anonymous said...

seriously...i don't even no where to start. i can say so many things, but i will just say a few:

1. I have a degree in psychology and master's in social work. why do women fight each other over a cheating man? why not knock the dude out?
i get it. but then again i never will.

2. people shouldn't hit people in general. but dudes should not be swinging on women like that. ever. women should no hit men. that's just stupid.

3. why did dude filming 2nd video think you tube was gonna pay him? why?

4. i could write a thesis on black culture and the problems with it from the second video alone.

5. i'm sorry, but the part in the first video when homegirl jumps on the car and starts stompin on the hood is hilarious. i watched it 5 times.

6. why did i watch both videos in their entirety? i will also add that to my thesis...

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

in reverse order:

6. there's also a part 2 to the newark video. i decided to only post the first part cuz i fely it was enuff.

5. i think everybody who watches this vid rewinds it when the chick is walkin on the hood of that car cuz it is hilarious

4. i felt the same way about the newark vid. vid 1 and 2 together are enough for a book on black culture.

3. dude's entrepenurial spirit was so sincere. he really did believe he was holding a golden ticket.

2. i would generally agree with you that men shouldn't lay hands on women, but those women were fierce. there are exceptions to every rule, and they were DEFINITE exceptions. i useta think it was inexcusable until i started teaching in philly. some women are only anatomically female. the rest is straight testosterone and adrenaline.

1. i thought this was the most interesting aspect of it all. is it some type of darwinian mating thing? i'm a big fan of animal planet and national geographic and both these vids looked like something u'd see on meerkat manor. my immediate hypothesis was that black men are a commodity as far as reproduction, especially in the hood, cuz they be locking niggas up, so women are forced to compete for male attention. that fact, combined with low socio-economic status, could produce a perverted culture of survival of the fittest, witnessed above. i'm sure this isn't completely true cuz rich chicks be fightin over dudes too, but not to this degree. this was all vintage jerry springer, and we know where they got their guests from (other than acting class).

like i said, it was 100% hilarious and 100% depressing. pure tragicomedy.

Anonymous said...

1. right. rich folks, white people,'s just done in different ways. this was clearly the hood way. i think it's a woman thing. it's all together sad and ridiculous. if i ever go back to school...i will study relationships and how to make them better. not cuz i want people to be all happy and in love...that's nice...but really cuz sadly those women probably both got kids by that dude and the kids are always the ones who lose out in the end. we gotta help the kids...and to do that we first gotta help ourselves.

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

coop luv da kids.

Rosetta said...

I have friends from all around the world, I've visited distant lands, I'm degreed up the wahzoo, and yet...the ignorant street fight between two women over a dude that is at home with his REAL woman never fails to captivate me.