Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gimme 2 Pair

I think the combination of the recession and me getting older has meant a maturation in my sartorial predilections. A nigga just can't cop 4 pairs of kicks in one day anymore. With money as tight as it is, and my AMEX not as friendly as it used to be, a nigga's gotta keep it simple. Outside of the eggplant foams, the last pair of shoes I bought were the Timberland Abington's, which I have not stopped wearing since. (Even my students have asked me to stop wearing them.) Before them it was my DQM Chukka's back in October. Those who know me know that that is a marked decline in shoe shoppage. (I did scoop a pair of RL loafers on a steep discount tho, but they don't count.)

My cabin fever is at an all-time high right now and when spring finally arrives, I'll prolly be on a similar steez. A few pair and that's it. So without further ado, the only shoes a nigga needs for spring/summer '09:
a pair to beat up.

a pair to chill in

And I just got an email about these:

i think i had a dream about this exact shoe a month or 2 ago.

No Yeezy's--although if any of yall wanna cop them Kanye LV jawns for me, I'm game--and I might actually make the trip to NYC to get them One's or maybe them New Balances. I'm currently considering selling off a few pairs at rock-bottom recession prices jus cuz i'm tired of having such a gluttonous collection. More on that later.

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