Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boys II Men

It's late but I'm up, and since I'm up, I'm giving y'all The Paxtons latest street single, 4321. If you didn't already pick it up from Khal over at rockthedub yesterday morning, maybe you picked it up at The Smoking Section last night. (Is my tone real wavy right now? I hope so.) Regardless, those who are still sleeping on these niggas, there's still time to wake the eff up and smell the Folger's before your friends start telling you how dope these rappers are. Over a CRAZY Boys II Men sample, Chris and Dave do what they do best: defecate on beats. All I will say is that if you don't download this, you're truly missing out.

And remember, this isn't even the ish on the album. We haven't given the masses that yet. The promo sampler is floating in the CPU's of a select few and burning holes through their speakers as you read this. But like always, don't take my word for it, I'll happily let Chi-town's finest, Hustle Simmons, get the final palabra. Enjoy.

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