Friday, March 13, 2009

Capital Lingo

"Go Hard"- AB The Producer feat. XO, Pro'verb and Lyriciss

Confession: I've been slackin' on the hiphop tip for a minute. This school year has been bananas and plátanos so I haven't had much time to actually cull the wheat from the chaff from these new up-and-coming whippersnappers.

That said, I can personally co-sign Pro'verb and Lyriciss as true talents outta the DMV and XO's latest mixtape is just a few posts down from this one, (not to mention the cypher I caught with him, Charles Hamilton, and some other random niggas inauguration weekend--I might put that vid up this wknd). The energy comin outta DC is so ridiculous right now. I'm lovin' it.(c)

And shouts out to AB The Producer and Studio 43 for the link.

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