Friday, March 13, 2009

Internet Years

The internets (not a typo) is a place where new gets old very quickly. "Yo, you got that new [insert supposedly-underground-esoteric-act]?" "Yo I had that like 2 days ago. And the first mixtape they had like 2 years ago. You late my nig." It's a conversation that I myself have to admit to have had with quite a few people, quite a few times. Especially in the blogosphere, if you're an hour late on a drop, you might as well quit the game. It's about that XCLUSIVE!!! Na na nana na na!!

:-/ Yeah, I fall victim to that blogger braggadocio myself, but it's important to always keep in mind that it's a computer and the internet is not a real place (or is it?) so even when I swing my swagger stick (nhjic) and complain that a few of my readers who also blog are biters, I'm still not as emo about it as I seem.

That said, these niggas dropped this week or less recently. Some I've listened to, some I haven't, but I feel they're all worthy of CPU memory. Links are stolen. Disfruta. Click the album covers to download.

Gucci Mane is the streets right now.

I really do love where hip hop is right now, and I especially love where NY hiphop is right now. Plus, N.O.R.E. is a funny nigga.

I'm not necessarily co-signing this, not outta hate, but only cuz I really never listened to enough of his ish to say one thing or the other. I did think this jawn came out a long time ago tho (in real time)... guess not. Irregardless, I always effed wit "Hood Nigga."

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Ben-G said...

i so cant stand you, and you know i was looking for that keri too