Wednesday, July 01, 2009

You Must Be Stevie

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I was definitely pleasantly surprised by Jeremih's debut. Even though "Birthday Sex" was and is an instant classic, I was skeptical that the Morgan Park-grad could deliver an entire album of catchy sing along songs that didn't come off as corny. Pie on my face. This jawn is decent as a mug, and the songwriting is actually pretty good. Jeremih's debut is basically a bedroom party waiting to happen. Maybe it's something about the way the wind hits Lake Michigan but this dude might be able to carry Kellz's banner for the young folks (no pedo). The mood and melodies are updated takes on what made Kellz famous (minus the child porn, of course.) And I can't hate on someone who sings "The perfect equation, like mx+b=y, we are probably apart." Some of you might can hate, but me? I can't. That's slope-intercept form, nigga.

Enough of me, get to clicking. Disfruta.

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