Wednesday, July 01, 2009

All In A Good Day

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You knew this day was coming. So yes, your favorite blogger's favorite blogger has been on a bit of a hiatus as of late. May and June (and most of April too) were busy as uckfay, and let's be real, blogging doesn't pay the bills, WORK does.

Which brings us to today's post. Longtime readers know that I've been hitting you with exclusives from The Paxtons for a good minute since pre-Members Only. You should also know that your boys pulled Atmos, Ubiq, and The Smoking Section along for the ride, along with other Paxton faithful (what up Khal!) who have supported Chris and Dave throughout this entire process.

Today, you finally get to listen to what all the fuss is about. The digital version is missing 2 tracks. It was intentional though. To get the two missing tracks, you have to go here. Also this free download is for a limited time only. Feel free to support good independent hip-hop by getting at that iTunes and downloading it. If you're like me, you prolly don't pay for music, but real talk, even I coughed up some money when Janelle Monae first started selling "Violet Stars, Happy Hunting" on her Myspace page purely because I wanted to help an independent artist. Support good music!

Now that you have the whole thing, I'ma put my quarter-dollar in and give you the run-down on three of my faves. Production-wise, this jawn is not to be effed with. For anyone who thought The Paxtons music was a lil too saccharine for their liking, "Theme Music" is so raw there might be traces of E. coli in your earhole after listening to it. Word to Colorado beef. "Atlas" is my hands-down favorite track off the whole album, and it took a lot for me to not leak it to yall earlier. Tagging it with "Perspicacity" is by no means an accident (yeah, these niggas got vocabularies).

Last, but definitely not least, is this friggin "Still Waiting." First, let me remind you that The Paxtons produced the ENTIRE album. Every track you hear, they made. Chris and Dave were sitting on the instrumental to "Still Waiting" for a minute. In fact, some of you might remember that I streamed the instrumental on the blog over a year ago after Dave slid it to me. I was promptly hit up with emails and comments about what that beat was and who made it, but had to keep it close for the niggas Paxton. To all of our benefit, these dudes rip this track to pieces rhapsodizing about their beloved hometown of Chicago, Illinois. As Oscar Wao explains, there's no place like home, and after a long day of WORK, that's prolly the first place we all wanna be. Scroll up and get to clicking. It's yours now. Disfruta.

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khal said...

got my copy in the mail today - The Paxtons FTW!