Monday, July 13, 2009

Necklace Over My Shades? Yeah, She Did That.

Ace Hood - "Champion" ft. Jazmine Sullivan & Rick Ross

I intentionally slept on Ace Hood's album Ruthless. (I mean, it's Ace Hood after all.) This song has forced me to go back and actually download it though. First, Ace actually raps well over this track, and Ricky does what he does (which is rap well as well--Weezy would been a better feature though). But you KNOW Jazmine murders it dead. That hook is like sanctified hood gospel. And you know I ain't complaining about Ms. Sullivan looking all sexythick in the video neither. Get it how you live baby.

Postscript: "You can't tell me nothing," is perhaps the most beautiful use of the double negative in the English language. No hyperbole. I love ebonics.

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