Wednesday, July 08, 2009

WORK Release Recap

Thanks to everybody who came through Ubiq last night for The Paxtons x Anml Hse party. Johnny put up a couple pics from the night. It was definitely a good time.


Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

when is the flyness hittin the west coast?

Call Me... "Mr. Garr" said...

you are more than welcome to begin your work as west coast promoter. it will only require that you provide a venue, lodging, and plane tix. lol

Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

well the lodging is taken care of since i have a big apt. And i live down the street from fairfax and melrose (where supreme and all that shit is). so i doubt venue would be an issue. plane tix...ill wait til yall get that g5 off layaway.