Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a who's who, what's what type of livin'

Remember when The Sartorialist started getting all this attention (deservedly) for his semi-candid street fashion pics? It was acknowledged for what it was: a blog that was fresh and innovative in the simplicity of its model. I remember checking that blog regularly a while before it blew up and kinda feeling bummed when Scott Schuman gained icon status. Not cuz he got famous (congratulations (c) Weezy), but because the pics became less accidental and more contrived. Less art and more advertising. (It's always a mix between the two but I prefer to lean toward the artistic side; fool me into thinking you don't care about selling me something.)

Photoblogs like Schuman's are ubiquitous now, so it's hard to cull the wheat from the chaff. That is, unless your Justin Saunders of JJJJound, which is easily the coolest (best word possible) photoblog on all 7.5 internets. He was a quiet sensation on the internets up until The New York Times shouted him out late last year. And so since the secret's out, there's no need keeping it.

Before you click the link, which you must do, understand that JJJJound is analogous to a photomuseum (no hyperbole). Saunders will do subtle things like change the colors gradually as you scroll down the screen or have a subtle subtext running through a series of photos. And that's just the tip [||]. It's better than TV.

At least it is to dorky ppl like me. Disfruta.

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