Monday, April 06, 2009

The Envelope

Click the album cover to download

Sorry for the delay, (my computer is currently fighting a bad case of Down's syndrome). You will either think this is the best RNLC mixtape thus far, or you will wonder about my mental stability. Hopefully you'll do both. I'm gonna leave all the big talk alone; the mixtape is sinister enough for that. The album cover tells you everything you need to know about this one. Old readers, you know the deal on these mixtapes, but for the uninitiated, I'll give yall a quick mini-lesson.

Real Niggas Light Candles is a volume of emotional-nigga mixtapes compiled by yours truly, a self-described emotional nigga. Each mixtape is a series of songs that flow between the grooves of a general melodramatic melancholy. I've always said that they're about solitude, the kinda music to which you dim the lights and light incense (or candles). And it's meant to be played in sequence--no skipping tracks--because the magic of these is in the order. It's what separates RNLC from every other blogger's mixtapes. It's always soul, but never in a typical way.

Which brings us to this one, the 5th iteration. I was considering making this my last edition (FAIL), but 6 got made on accident (so expect it sooner than later). If you've been keeping up with the vault, then there won't be too many surprises as far as names go. Click the album cover above to download, and the back cover below provides the tracklisting. Props to Jeff on the artwork.

Sharebee is loaded with viruses right now, so it's zshare until further notice. Holler if the zshare link goes nuts.


Jeffrey Taylor, Jr. said...

my question is why would you wanna quit? can you even do that? jay z couldnt stay away...neither could jordan...

ill be ready when rnlc15 drops. its gonna be the mood music version of "NOW (that's what i call music", wit tv commercials and everything

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to reup this? Was trying to get the individual songs to no avail.