Friday, February 20, 2009

What really happened between CB and Rihanna...

A pic of Rihanna beat-the-f-up surfaced late last night. It's not a good look (for Chris or Ri-Ri). Right now, everybody's been on some ole "support Rihanna" tip, which is admirable. I mean the girl definitely got the life damn near beat out of her, but I don't think this situation is as cut and dry as a nigga beating a chick up jus cuz. Remember, Chris Brown is a light-skinded R&B singer with star tattoos. Dudes like that just don't go around laying hands on broads.

The following is what I think actually took place that fateful night:

Rihanna told Chris Brown she cheated on him, repeatedly. Brown, unable to control his light-skinded R&B singer emotions, wailed on Ri-Ri (pun intended). The rest is history.

Why do I think this? I think Rihanna is a trifling ho.

Now, in my characterization of her as a "ho," I'm not saying this out of malice. I just think that the reason she's so successful is because she saw her fair share of penises on her way to that #1 billboard spot (and I don't think she regretted it). While the hollywood rumor mill is, at it's worst, just a place for busybodies to gossip about foolishness cuz they don't have real lives, much of what they generate comes from somewhere truthful. Rihanna has dealt with rumors of her tryna get ahead with some head since she got signed to DefJam. While they all could have very well been unfounded, the fact they've persisted her entire career should leave you to wonder something. I mean, we all know Cassie's been cavorting for tracks, but Rihanna was always a "rumor".

Meanwhile, you got dudes like The Dream announcing--ON CAMERA--that he's on his way to beat the brakes off Rihanna, even though everybody knows she's sposed to be with CB. I think Chris just got caught up in tryna turn a ho into a housewife... or the R&B version of it.

The moral of the story is, R&B couples don't work. Tammi and Marvin didn't make it. And we all know what happened with Whitney and Bobby... just a pair of star-crossed lovers.

EDIT: and here's the video of The Dream putting Rihanna's bidness in the street.

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Anonymous said...

she had to gave em herpes. ain't no way he lumped her up like that for anything less. she always looked like a burner to me anyway. she def gave Barbados a bad name if she burnt the boy. i hope he keeps his head up. herpes is forever, but the story will eventually die out in time.