Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pump Up the Volume

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No lie, I was just listening to "Summer" with India and Rascal Flatts a week or two ago, waiting on the 36 trolley one morning, and wondered if and when Volume 2 would ever drop. I must say, her timing is impeccable. It really is a Real Niggas Light Candles weekend.

Dave tells it best, but the story goes that back in my college days, I was known for sitting in my dorm room with the lights off, listening to India Arie in my PJ's (or drawls) with candles lit. It was a common occurrence, which made it even funnier to everybody else cuz I was so casual about it. No "no homos," cuz I just didn't give a flying uckfay. I literally watched Dave curl up on the floor, suffocating from laughter, when he walked in my room unaware that I was zoning out to India.Arie and other similarly emotional singers in the dark with candles lit. I can't blame him. It was like 2 in the afternoon and I'm sure it looked hilarious. I was prolly eating a Pop Tart too or eating apple sauce straight out the jar.

But those were the early days, when RNLC mixtapes were just untitled playlists that I burned onto CDs for other Wash U heads. It was the beginning of the beginning, and it's kinda cool to drop this and other volumed collections the same weekend of the RNLC4 drop. Without this chick, I'da never had such a clever title (among other things).

Coincidence? I've never believed in coincidence.

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