Saturday, February 07, 2009

Pride of the Jungle

click the album cover to download

EDIT: new link until sharebee gets its act together.

The posterchild for "underground sensation" released this much-awaited, much-anticipated, much-delayed Volume 3 from her Young Hustla mixtape series at the turn of the New Year. It was floating around 2 of the internets for much of January and I finally have enough time to share it with yall this weekend.

If you don't know who Teedra is by now, rub a ped-egg across your face--eyes open. The woman who created the best R&B album of the decade requires no introduction. She is, simply, the truth. Click the album cover to download the mixtape. I'm tryna keep it googlebot-proof so no track listing. But when it's the young lioness, do you even need one?

Lastly, if you really like it, buy it off her MySpace. I know I'm giving it away for free.99 here, but she tryna pay her bills and it's a recession.

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