Sunday, February 01, 2009

Obi and Femi, this one's for yall

I normally wouldn't post this, but I'm gonna try to do my part in maintaining a level of hype for Wale's '09 major label debut. Plus, this track goes. The original track is by a dude outta London named Donaeo and is called "African Warrior". It sounds like a summer warehouse party in Philly (which means it's heatrock). It's the hotness in LDN and I'm sure it would burn down any cool guy party between B-More and NYC. Not the pretentious jawns that are sadly all over my beloved DC, but the kinda parties these guys photoblog about where ppl are too cool to care about caring. That's a long way of saying download both these tracks. Your eardrums will love you for it.

Donaeo - African Warrior

I got the instrumental for this jawn as well. Holler if ur interested.

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